4 Amazing Benefits of Having Breast Augmentation and Liposuction Together


If you’re worried about your small breasts and fat deposits at the same time, you can consider having the two cosmetic procedures, breast augmentation and liposuction together.

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If you are wondering if having both procedures done simultaneously would be safe, don’t worry. You’d be surprised to know that a lot of women are getting them together, safely.

Actually having both these procedures done at the same time has some distinct benefits. Here are a few.

1. Total Reversal of the Effects of Pregnancy and Nursing

If you want to totally reverse the adverse effects left by pregnancy and nursing on your body, getting breast augmentation and liposuction together is a great option.

Women otherwise in good health and fit-looking after childbirth have signs of pregnancy and breastfeeding in their breast and tummy areas.

Breast augmentation involves saline or silicone implants that add volume and shape to breasts that are deflated or flattened after nursing.

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Liposuction eliminates fat and loose, sagging skin from the lower abdomen and repairs separated or damaged muscles. It sculpts and shapes the abdomen.

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The combination of these two procedures thus results into fuller, larger breasts and a flat, firm abdomen which increases your confidence and happiness.

2. Offers You the Hourglass Figure You Always Longed for

In case of women who haven’t yet had children, but long for a lovely figure or women who have lost weight, maybe through bariatric surgery, combining breast augmentation and liposuction can help achieve such a figure.

The most sought-after components of an hourglass figure are fuller breasts and bottom, and slender waist.

Combining the procedure of placement of breast implants with contouring of the waist is a perfect way of highlighting the curves of the body and achieving a stunning hourglass shape.

While the implants fill out your bust, liposuction narrows down your waistline, thus offering you your dream figure.

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3. Simultaneous Recovery and Saving Money

Other than offering the best cosmetic results, the combination of breast augmentation and liposuction, instead of spacing them out in separate surgeries have some practical benefits.

When both the procedures are done simultaneously, recovery time for both of them becomes the same, and you don’t have to undergo it separately.

This saves your time significantly up to a couple of weeks.

Plus, your money is also saved in the form of hospital fees and anaesthetist’s fees.

4. Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

You can even be benefitted by fat transfer breast augmentation i.e. by transferring the fat taken out from your abdominal or other fatty area through liposuction into your breastsrather than augmentation through breast implants.

This type of procedure is an outpatient procedure and is minimally invasive. It’s typically done under local anaesthesia.

Fat to be inserted in the breasts is suctioned out from body parts that have extra fat, often abdomen, waist or thighs.

Then this fat is processed and separated. Fat cells often go through treatment with stem cells to enable better healing.

Such processed fat is then inserted into the breasts to enlarge and augment them.

Knowing about these benefits, you’d certainly choose doing these procedures together. Enjoy a beautiful figure with them.

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