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5 Reasons for using Mass Gainer Supplement


Have you started taking muscle gain supplements yet? If not, we present 5 reasons why you should.

For too long, most people have believed that protein powders and muscle gain supplements are meant only for professional bodybuilders. However, any person that work outs hard and is looking to build stamina, muscle strength and endurance, must take them.

Quick mass gainers have begun to take centrestage for those who are lean or underweight, and who like to have well-defined muscles with bulk and weight. Here are 5 good reason to take them:

#1 Improve muscle health and increase dexterity.

Most people who have never played a sport or taken up any exercise, will have low muscle strength and agility. Muscle strength can be developed by taking up exercise, especially with weight training and endurance workouts. However, it may become difficult to go up a notch in your training if you do not supplement your effort with mass gainer supplement. The supplement fortifies your muscle with essential protein and amino acids. Gradually, your muscle fitness increases and so do its suppleness and dexterity.

#2 Increase muscle mass.

Those who work out to build their muscles and increase strength take quick mass gainer powders with milk or water every day. The powder helps the muscles bulk up quickly by providing targeted protein and carb nutrition every day. Not only does the muscle mass increase, so do its definition and strength.

#3 Speed up muscle recovery.

Weight training is associated with microtears in the muscles. The muscle rebuilds itself over a couple of days – this is why you must not work out the same muscle groups two days in a row, so that they may get the chance to recoup and rebuild. Meanwhile, a mass gainer supplement boosts the recovery process and removes muscle fatigue as well. Thus, your chances of injury and pain are also minimised.

#4 To reduce fat cell content in the muscles.

Another important application of mass gainer supplement is to aid in fat loss. Weight training the muscles is, by itself, an activity that reduces the fat content of the muscles. When the muscle being worked upon is exerting itself to pull the weight or when it is recovering, the fat cells are burnt first to provide energy. The gainer supplement speeds up the fat cell loss during this process. Meanwhile, the fat content of your body starts reducing, and is replaced by lean muscle.

#5 To increase energy levels and go faster, harder and more intense.

Quick mass gainers also impart energy (measured in kilocals per serving). When taken before the workout, the gainer supplement may provide you with enough energy to go faster and harder during the exercise. This helps you lift more weights and get more reps in as well.

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