Glass Dropper Bottles for Medical CBD Packaging

6 Benefits of Using Glass Dropper Bottles for Medical CBD Packaging


Glass dropper bottles are the perfect packaging medium for all sorts of pharmaceutical products including CBD. Certain features are unique to glass dropper bottles which is why they continue to enjoy widespread acceptance. Glass dropper bottles have been popular since its inception and its use does not seem to be waning anytime use due to their numerous benefits.

Here are the benefits that you can expect through the use of glass dropper bottles for CBD packaging.

1.Tamper Proof Cap

Glass bottles with tamper evident caps can protect you in several ways. These caps help you to know whether or not the bottle was previously opened. If the seal is intact you can remain certain that the bottle has not been opened and that the content is in pristine condition. But if the bottle has been tampered with you will be able to notice it in time. You will certainly want to steer clear of previously opened bottle because there is no telling what has been done with the bottle’s content. The medicine could have been diluted, adulterated or changed in some undesirable way.

Tampering represents more than just loss of money. Tampering with medicines can end up being lethal. With tampered medicine you could be getting less than the required dose of your critical life-saving medicine. Or you could be getting no dose at all if it has been replaced with some other substance. The new content could possibly be toxic. In any case, the final user faces serious threats to their health and wellbeing because they will be unable to consume their medicine according to the recommended dose. Your health may get worse with continued use of such medicine without you even knowing about it.

Thus, tamper evident caps and seals are an essential safeguard to protect your critical lifesaving medicine from adulteration.

Glass bottles are ideal for tamper evident caps. Sellers of CBD products should use glass bottles with tamper evident caps to ensure that their customers will get the product in its purest form and at the recommended dosage.

2.Safe Material

Perhaps the greatest benefit of glass bottles is that it is a perfectly safe material for your medicine to be stored in. The same cannot be said for plastics though. There is a lot of research which shows that plastics can leach dangerous chemicals into any liquid that comes in contact with them. Plastics are known to be highly carcinogenic. Hence, you should be taking all possible steps and measure to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the pernicious effects of plastics.

Using glass bottles to store your medicine can give you great peace of mind in this regard. Glass is highly inert and hardly reacts with liquid content. Thus, glass is generally regarded as safe for storing all sorts of edible liquids including CBD medicines.

3.Accurate Dosage

Glass dropper bottles are ideal for dispensing accurate doses. Certain medicines are so powerful that they require a dosage defined by the number of drops. Due to the high concentration of the pure product and its medicinal power, you may only need a few drops for it to work effectively. This is particularly true for CBD-based medicines.

Glass dropper bottles ensure that you will be getting just the right number of drops. Anyone can use these bottles with ease to dispense exactly the right amount. No special training is required. There is almost no danger of waste or leakage. Glass dropper bottles can thus give you precise doses so that you do not have to worry about too much (which could be detrimental) of too little (which could be ineffective).

Glass dropper bottles can thus help you to avoid health problems that could transpire due to overdosing.

4.Dark Glass Bottles

Glass dropper bottles are often dark so that they can keep their content safe from sunlight. Although you will still need to keep these bottles away from all sources of light, you can rest assured that dark glass bottles will minimize the infiltration of any light that may be found even in dark storage areas.

For instance, you may be storing your medicine in your cabinets. However, cabinets do not always have perfect dimensions. Light could leak into the cabinet through fine cracks. This may have an effect on your medication. But with dark glass bottles, the effect will be mitigated.

Dark glass bottles are necessary for keeping the strength of your medicine intact and protecting it against the undesirable effects of light.

5.High Protection

A major benefit of glass dropper bottles is their ability to provide a tight seal for your medicine. You can enjoy the reassurance that comes with knowing about the effectiveness with which glass bottles can keep out air and moisture. Glass bottles provide a rigid base for airtight caps. You can close caps tightly on glass bottles knowing that the glass/cap interface is a tight seal against air and moisture.

Minimizing the infiltration of air and moisture through glass dropper bottles can preserve the potency of your CBD medicine.


CBD medicines that have THC may require child-resistant caps. Thus, to comply with regulations in your state, you may have to use child-resistant packaging. Glass bottles with child-resistant caps may help you to comply with state rules.

Glass Dropper Bottles for All

Glass dropper bottles are found in medicine cabinets of almost all home. It is hard to imagine any home that does not have this quintessential medicinal packaging in their medicine cabinet.

These bottles extend numerous benefits to CBD product manufacturers as well which is why they will continue to find use in the foreseeable future.

No matter what your cannabis packaging needs may be, Medlock can help you out with its wide spectrum of customized packaging options.

Whatever your state rules mandate vis-à-vis cannabis packaging, you can be sure to find optimal solutions that will help you to comply and save costs.

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