All about ACL Injury

All about ACL Injury


If you take a close look at the different parts of your body, as well as the individual functions of the body parts, you will surely understand how perfect the human body was created. Each muscle thread and each piece of bone has its own purpose and is also connected to each other. So every time we injure or injure a part or parts of our body, we almost automatically feel weaker and other parts of our body seem to suffer as well. An ACL or ACL injury is one of the most serious injuries an athlete can experience. Now let’s see what the patient goes through after ACL surgery and during ACL physical therapy.

Reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament is only the first step in the process of recovering from an injury. In most cases, ACL reconstruction operations are successful, so it is not really a very important factor in how well the patient can recover from the injury. A most important stage in the entire process that the patient must go through is rehabilitation therapy. The ACL injury is not a minor injury, so the patient who undergoes this surgery is definitely delighted with the wonderful possibilities that this therapy offers.

The first phase of acl surgery in Singapore is of course mild, as the newly reconstituted ACL should not be exposed to any pressure for a period of time. With the approval of the surgeon and physical therapist, the patient will have simple but effective exercises at the start of therapy. First, he should measure how much the affected leg can bend and flex. Subsequently, this will become the basis for improving the patient’s condition.

Stretching the affected knee and strengthening the muscles is also an important part of rehabilitation therapy. Without a doubt, this is a wonderful feeling for a patient who has not been able to move his knees and legs for a long time. Trainings are specifically tailored to the trauma and lifestyle of the patient. So you can imagine how important the role of the therapist is in the recovery of an ACL injury patient.

In addition to the experience of the physician and therapist treating a patient with an ACL injury, it is very important that the patient has a positive attitude toward himself and her injury. The determination and willingness to undergo intense training is essential to the success of any ACL physical therapy program.

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