An Insight into Closed Rhinoplasty Procedure

Dean Toriumi Reviews – An Insight into Closed Rhinoplasty Procedure


Closed rhinoplasty is an operation where cosmetic surgeons make incisions within an individual’s nose. This may be necessary to allow the experts to make corrections to the patient’s nasal bone, cartilage, and septum. The objective of the operation is to ensure the patient’s nose matches his/her facial features. This is why the procedure is becoming very popular with people who want to undergo a nose job.

Dean Toriumi Reviews – What is closed rhinoplasty procedure?

Dr. Dean Toriumi is a popular otolaryngology expert from Chicago, Illinois with more 30 years of experience. He has completed his graduation from the Rush Medical College. He specializes in both rhinoplasty and facial surgical procedures. Dr. Toriumi has a board certification in both Otolaryngology and Reconstructive Surgeries. He is currently a professor at the Illinois University’s Otolaryngology Department. He also the Head of the educational institute’s Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Division. In recognition of his contribution in the field of otolaryngology, he has won several awards. The most important being ‘Healthgrades Honor Roll.’

What should people do before to find out more about closed rhinoplasty surgeries?

Dr. Toriumi says people who wish to take a closed rhinoplasty operation should be aware of what the procedure involves. They also know about the risks which are likely to arise from the operation. These normally include scarring, swelling, discoloration, infection, or breathing difficulties. Moreover, these individuals should appoint a qualified cosmetic surgeon with adequate experience in conducting such procedures. They need to know whether this medical expert has a good or bad reputation in the market. For this, they can conduct thorough research on the Internet to find out more about this surgery. These people can even browse through the online Dean Toriumi Reviews to obtain relevant information.

Closed rhinoplasty procedure

During a closed rhinoplasty operation, cosmetic surgeons make an incision within a patient’s nose. This medical expert may have to use endoscopy to get a better picture of the patient’s nasal structure. Only can he/she make any changes to nasal bone, septum, and cartilage to rectify any deformity. Moreover, any scaring or swelling after the operation will be discreet and not visible from the outside. Such complications generally subside within a few days. The entire operation usually does not last for more than a few hours. Moreover, the patient recovers within a short period.

Advantages of closed rhinoplasty operations

Dr. Toriumi further states the following four advantage of closed rhinoplasty operations over other similar procedures:

  • The patients taking this operation do not feel any discomfort during the procedure;
  • The recovery period for the patient is very short;
  • Minor swelling after the operation; and
  • No visible scars on the patient’s nose after the operation.

Closed rhinoplasty is a popular minimum-invasive procedure where cosmetic surgeons do not make any incisions on the patient’s nose. This is why they go through the online Dean Toriumi Reviews before making a decision.The entire operation does not take very long and recovery period for the patient is short. After the surgery, this no visible scars on his/her nose. Unfortunately, this procedure does have its risks. Patients may suffer from swelling, infections, breathing problems after the operation however, the above can be treated with medicines successfully.

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