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Delay Your Period Effectively: Safest Way To Prevent Pregnancy


There are so many reasons why females wanted to delay their period. Just put the other negative side like abortion. In this article, you will understand why females delay their period and what they do. Delaying a period doesn’t mean you are hindering yourself from continuing to be an expectant mom. The period delay pill is a prescription medication online to order Norethisterone and Utovlan for women.

What are they?

Norethisterone and Utovlan are progestin medications used by women for the following:

  • Delay period pill
  • Birth control pill
  • Treatment of gynecological disorders
  • Menopausal hormone therapy

Norethisterone is the generic version while you have the Utoval as the branded version pill. The said pill has helped a lot of women suffering from painful menstrual cycles, especially if they are not yet ready. This delay period pill will be the best option.

Norethisterone as contraceptive

Delaying a woman’s period in a month means you might be pregnant or have some health-related problem. There is a higher tendency of being pregnant when your period does not show up in a month. Understandably, women normally have their periods every month. But some wished to stop their period for valid reasons, such as for contraceptive purposes. Well, a lot of women are using this pill as an effective contraceptive or birth control pill.

Norethisterone has a property to stop a period, which must be taken a couple of days before the due date.

A mini-pill to prevent pregnancy

Norethisterone is a medication that females use to prevent pregnancy. Some call it a mini-pill due to the absence of estrogen. The pill is a hormone that can prevent a user from getting pregnant. It makes the vaginal fluid thicker by preventing sperm from reaching an egg called fertilization as well as changing the uterus lining. The pill stops the ovulation of about half of the menstrual cycles of a woman.

Norethisterone is believed as more effective compared to the other birth control methods. Most women who are taking this pill can’t take estrogen. Taking this medication is important to reduce the risk of getting pregnant. But, taking this medication can’t protect anyone against sexually transmitted diseases.

How to use the pill?

Before you can start using it, it is required to consult a doctor first. But if you are buying online, there is a 2-minute free consultation online. Reading a leaflet helps you on how to take the pills and what to do when you skipped or missed a dose. Taking the medication is done orally, it is usually once a day. You have a preferred time to take it or it depends on the number of pills to take in a day, as advised by the doctor.

An important reminder by the doctor is to take the pill after an evening meal or best at bedtime. It helps someone who has nausea or stomach upset. There is a dosing schedule to follow, which is important to take this medication following the right dose. Doctors can advise you on how it should be taken properly.

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