How to get rid of mosquitoes

How to get rid of mosquitoes


Mosquito is a small insect that doesn’t grow more than 1.5 inches but stands as one of the main threats to humankind. They carry the malaria virus, which has put almost half of humanity at the risk of dying from this disease.

Economies have been spending millions of dollars to fight mosquitoes and malaria, and even so, the disease continues to claim thousands of lives. Apart from the mere irritation of the bites and sickness, the insect carries other viruses like Zika and others.

According to the AMCA, a female mosquito can lay eggs every three days during the breeding season, and with a 25% survival rate of her progeny, she’s responsible for more than 400 million offspring in a season.

How then do you get rid of mosquitoes?

Wearing light colors and long sleeves

Exposed skin is an easy target for mosquitoes, and summer is one season every person wants to be in shorts to enjoy the warmth of the season. Keep them off by minimizing the exposed body parts.

Long-sleeved shirts, light colors, and long pants are perfect in keeping off this notorious insect. Research by Reardon shows that mosquitoes are most active during the dusk and dawn hours of the day. You, therefore, can plan to be indoors at that time.

Use permethrin-treated cloth

If you can’t keep indoors during summer, try permethrin-treated shirts, hats, and other clothing articles. Again, get clothes that come pre-treated. You can also purchase the permethrin yourself and treat using DIY techniques.

If you are going camping or backpacking, invest in a mosquito net. It may not be fashionable, but you can be sure you’re safe from the hitches.

Wearing topical mosquito repellant

Spending the whole summer indoors may not be your thing, and if you want to walk defiantly into a mosquito-infested area, you should don a topical mosquito repellant. Use products that are registered with US EPA – proven to kill mosquitoes.

There are plenty of options but avoid harsh chemicals. Read the science behind the product before you use it. Most importantly, use repellants as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Keep off stagnant water.

Standing water is an excellent brooding area for the mosquitoes. Therefore, clear any water around your home and bushes that could serve as suitable habitation for this notorious insect.

Empty the flower pots on the balcony and turn over any container that may collect water. Check out any place that is attractive to the larvae like a rain gutter, and if you have a yard, fill up the holes that can collect water.

Apply VC coating

This is a transparent paint by Vectorcide International Ltd that you apply in the rooms of your house. It is perfect in killing mosquitoes and doesn’t release toxic chemicals to the environment. On the water surfaces, you can apply VC larvicide, which prevents the breeding of mosquitoes. With this, the mosquito larvae cannot leave the breeding site and stops them from becoming flying insects.

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Mosquitoes are notorious insects that you should never entertain. Please do not wait until they invade your home, get the right strategy in place, and be miles away from malaria and other diseases.

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