Compassionate Plastic Surgeon Who Gives You Natural Results

Nabil Fakih – Compassionate Plastic Surgeon Who Gives You Natural Results


Most people resort to plastic surgery when they wish to make improvements to their appearance. However, they need to consult a compassionate and friendly plastic surgeon to help them get the looks they expect. Experts in the field say in order to make the plastic surgery a success, it is prudent for one to always rely on a surgeon one is comfortable with.

Nabil Fakih – Popular plastic surgeon for men and women in the USA

Dr. Nabil Fakih Gomez is one of the most popular leading plastic surgeons in Spain and Lebanon. He serves as the Vice -President of The Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery and the American Academy of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is trusted by many men and women when it comes to improving their facial features. He prides himself for giving his patients natural-looking results in meeting their expectations.

Prior consultation before the surgery

In order to make facial plastic surgery a success, the doctor and the patient need to sit and talk about the surgery. The patient should know what he or she needs and explain this expectation to the doctor. In this way, the surgeon can devise a strategy via which the desired expectations of the patient are met. There are a series of medical tests that need to be conducted before the date of the surgery, and if a person is undergoing surgery for the very first time, he/she should know what to expect at each and every stage.

Costs of the surgery

The costs of the surgery depend upon the needs and the expectations of the client. If the client wants a lot of changes to be done to the face, the costs obviously will be higher. However, the good news is plastic surgery is affordable and no longer limited to the rich and famous. Those that wish to boost their confidence and self-image can always rely on a good facial plastic surgeon to boost their appearance and regain the self-esteem they seek. The duration of the surgery will depend upon the changes that one desires. The surgeon discusses everything during the one-to-one counseling sessions with the potential patient.

A good surgeon will always inform patients about the pros and cons of the surgery so that an informed choice is made. Mostly, first-time patients are nervous, and they have many concerns. Every good facial plastic surgeon must ensure that their client is confident before undergoing surgery so that no problems later arise. The surgeon will always address concerns and questions of patients so that they are able to get the solace and peace of mind before the surgery that they are in the hands of a good facial plastic surgeon.

Nabil Fakih is the owner of the esteemed Dearborn Pharmacy in the USA, and he concludes that one should always check the past records and background of a facial plastic surgeon so that there are no problems in the future. Facial plastic surgery is a sensitive subject and so take time and choose the surgeon wisely. A good surgeon will always give you natural-looking results safely and compassionately!

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