On Choosing the Right Gym Equipment

On Choosing the Right Gym Equipment


Knowing the right equipment that aligns according to your body can be challenging because some machines are better for brief but intense workouts, while others are utilised for longer hours whenever possible.

Here are a few examples:

For Cardio Workout

Jacob’s Ladder

A climbing machine like the Jacob’s ladder targets your calories which benefits different muscles in your body. With 1-3 minute intervals, it will work you to exhaustion keeping the option to change speed to your desired level without having to worry.

ARC Trainer

As stationary equipment, the ARC trainer comes full with providing solutions for an ultimate cardio-based fat burning session. When your heart rate increases chances are that your internal muscle groups are being activated, while busting stress and benefiting the brain with high levels of endorphins. You need to be at the best gyms in Dubai to find the best equipment.

For Muscle Gains

Hamstring Curl

  • This equipment is designed in a way to pull your heels toward the buttocks from the bench you’re lying on the stomach. Overall, it aims at two muscle groups: the calf muscles and hamstrings. Having well-developed hamstrings can add to good stamina and withstanding any injuries to your lower body.
  • Pec Dec Machine
  • To work on your torso and level up your shoulder blades, a pec dec would be ideal for isolation exercise where your arms are swung together. This equipment is also customisable with a maximum of 200 pounds of weight that can be attached to the pulley.
  • Preacher Curl Machine
  • The preacher curl machine is a total muscle builder where your arms move in front of your body while entirely focusing on the biceps. With the help of the elbow padding, you can skillfully control your forearm position to hone a particular area of the bicep which gives your blood a better focus and flow .
  • For Fat Burn
  • Fan Bikes
  • Getting onto a stationary fan bike to pedal for about 30 minutes can be an effective strategy to burn down 200-300 calories. Since it has a fully body engagement, weight loss is expected as with higher muscle usage and no energy gone to waste.
  • Battle Ropes
  • Adding ropes to your routine provides a dual force dynamic to sculpt and strengthen the muscles wherever they are weak with less injuries to endure.The length of a battle rope would be around 30 feet and burns some 300 to 500 calories per half an hour of slamming them on the ground while the waves increase.

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