Roger Olade – An Insight into Critical Care Medicine

Roger Olade – An Insight into Critical Care Medicine


Doctors specializing in the area of critical care medicine treat patients with immediate life-threatening diseases or injuries. The problems which these doctors have to deal with may arise from a variety of causes. These include surgical complications, acute breathing problems, severe accidents, or infections. The doctors have to closely monitor the treatment and progress of patients under their care. They normally lead a team of highly-qualified and trained healthcare providers to assist them in carrying out their responsibilities. In many cases, these doctors are able to save the lives of the patients they treat. Unfortunately, some do die despite the best efforts of these medical professionals.

Roger Olade – An overview of critical care medicine and doctors specializing in this field?

Dr. Roger Olade is a well-known name in the international healthcare industry. He is from Nigeria and has made a name for himself in Pearland, Texas. He is a graduate from the University of Ibadan and has over 20 years of valuable experience in his belt. He specializes in internal, critical care and preventive medicine. Dr. Olade currently practices at Genesis Health, Houston, and directs the healthcare center’s consultancy services. This is to ensure patients visiting this healthcare center get the proper medical treatment they deserve. He also has affiliations to other prominent hospitals in the region where offers his services as an attending physician. These include St. Luke’s Medical Center and the Baylor School of Medicine.

Are critical care and intensive care identical?

Roger Olade admits many people outside the medical community often confuse critical care wards of hospitals with intensive care. He explains that doctors in intensive care wards treat patients suffering from chronic illnesses or on the verge of multiple organ failure. The objective of these professionals is to stabilize the patients, treat their condition, and ensure the symptoms do not reappear. On the other hand, a critical area is a specialized unit within the intensive care ward where doctors treat patients with heart complications. They supervise a team of training healthcare professionals to monitor and look after these patients constantly. In some cases, these doctors have to perform cardiac surgeries.

What are the duties of critical care doctors?

He goes on to point out that critical care doctors attend to patients of all groups under their care. These individuals normally suffer from a wide range of physical and mental disorders. These medical professionals generally treat people with the following six conditions:

  • Brain damage due to multiple organ failure,
  • Breathing problems,
  • Broken bones resulting from accidents,
  • On the verge of having a cardiac arrest,
  • Severe mental health issues, and
  • Epileptic fits.

Roger Olade clarifies critical care doctors are vital for all hospitals. They treat patients with immediate life-threatening ailments and injuries. They conduct necessary procedures to ensure these individuals have a proper recovery and can return to their normal lives. These doctors may come across patients suffering epileptic fits, brain damage resulting in multiple organ failure or broken bones from accidents. These medical experts also have to deal with patients who are on the verge of having a cardiac arrest. In most cases, they are successful in their efforts.

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