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Tips To Accelerate Fat Metabolism


Metabolism describes all the chemical reactions or processes in the body. It is the process to convert fat into energy. During this process, calories present in the food will be combined with oxygen to produce energy which the body needs to process.To Accelerate fat metabolism people should consume more protein, caffeine, green tea, etc. This will help to increase the metabolism and help in fat burning.

Physical activity and metabolism

A person can control the calories while doing physical activities. People should do more physical activity every day and burn more calories, and the more active they are, it is said that it will lead to a fast metabolism. If a person has a fast metabolism then they tend to lose more weight quickly. People should perform Zumba and aerobic exercise at least 30 minutes a day to burn calories. They should also perform strength training to burn calories. Strength training is important to build muscle. Muscle tissue tends to burn more calories than fat tissues.

Factor determine metabolism

  • Body size: The adult who has larger bodies have more muscle burn and metabolism tissue.
  • Age: Metabolism tends to slow with age. The aged people can’t be able to lose weight quickly and this happens because of loss of muscle tissue
  • Gender:Men as compared to women have less body fat and more muscles which means that men burn more calories than women.
  • Drugs:Nicotine, caffeine, and green tea can increase the BMR or metabolism rate. 

Factors that increase metabolism

  • Protein meal: Metabolic rate is increased by the protein diet. People who take a protein diet tend to be full early and prevent overeating. Eating the correct amount of food can lead to increased metabolism.
  • Drink more water: People should drink more water than sugary drinks that tend to increase the weight of a person. Cold Water increase metabolism.
  • High-intensity workout: By performing high-intensity workouts, people lose more data and metabolism rate will increase.
  • Heavy weight lifting:Muscle training is more beneficial to reduce calories and increase the metabolism rate.
  • Intake of green tea:Green tea will help to convert the stored fat into free fatty acids which will help to burn more fat.

To accelerate more metabolism people should hit intense body work out and should concentrate on a protein diet. When people start ageing especially after 40 the metabolism tends to become slow. People should concentrate on more water intake to clean out all the dirt from the body and help to accelerate the metabolism.

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