Top Summertime Dangers Lurking in Your Backyard

Top Summertime Dangers Lurking in Your Backyard


Summertime is the best season of all with activities like swimming, camping and frolicking in the backyard. However, even the tamest of yards can host some unpleasant hazards determined to ruin your good time. Here are some of the top menaces that could be lurking in your yard right now and how to avoid them.

Hungry Insects

Your yard can be a haven for all sorts of insects including many that want to make a meal out of you. Your best defense against these pests is to first, get rid of all standing water. Stagnant water is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Try using citronella candles or incense to repel bugs. If you do get bitten, apply chemical-free bug bite relief, a perfect alternative for anyone not wanting to use poison on their skin.

Poison Ivy

Having a yard that borders on a wooded area makes for cool shade and soothing breezes. Unfortunately, they’re notorious for growing into backyards and that includes poison ivy. Poison ivy is a three-leafed plant growing near the ground or climbing on trees. Making contact with poison ivy causes a horrible, itchy rash that can last for weeks. Inspect your yard for this potential problem and use a weed-killer or dig it up while fully protected and then dispose of it.

Ground Bees

Pay close attention the next time you see more than the normal amount of bees buzzing around your yard. There is probably a nest nearby and often it’s located in the ground. Yellow jackets sometimes choose to build their home under your feet and if you walk or mow over it, you could get a nasty surprise. Bee stings can be fatal if you’re allergic. If you discover a nest, keep children and pets away. Treat the nest after dark or call in an expert.

Sneaky Skunks

Another creature you don’t want a run-in with is a skunk. Skunks are found in both the city and country and will go for any food around your property, especially pet food. Having an encounter with a skunk can mean getting blasted with a stench that could last for days. That means lost work and isolation, not to mention embarrassment. Always keep garbage securely contained and be careful walking around at night.

Seasonal Perils

Every season has its perils and summertime is no different. If you’re spending more time at home this summer, you’ll have the time to fully inspect your backyard. Taking preventative measures against plants and critters trying to steal your fun will make summer much more pleasant for everyone.

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