Tummy Tuck And Breast Augmentation Procedure

Tummy Tuck And Breast Augmentation Procedure


A well-shaped waist and breasts are the important feminine parts of the body. Before, ladies were constricted hull and stomach to represent their body line. These days, women are turning to fitness and diet to achieve the results they desire. On this road, cosmetic procedures can be very helpful.

Tummy tuck procedure

This procedure is created to improve the appearance of the abdomen. It is also known as abdominoplasty, where excess skin and are removed from the abdomen. To make abdomen flat and tight, the connective tissue is tightened with sutures. During the procedure, the remaining skin is repositioned to give a more toned look.

Women after pregnancy are good candidates for tummy tuck procedure

Usually, people with excess fat or skin around the belly button or a week abdominal wall will undergo a professional tummy tuck Sydney at Breast & Body Clinic. Also, good candidates are people who manage to lose significant changes in their weight, women after pregnancy, women after C- section, and older people where the skin becomes limp and fat tissue accumulates in the stomach.

This procedure is not for everyone. Your doctor will do an evaluation and ask about your general health. The cases where you should not consider this surgery is when you plan to lose weight, if you are planning pregnancy, if you have some serious chronic condition, if your body mass index is greater than 30, if you are a smoker, if you have significant scar tissue on your abdomen from some other surgery.

Breast augmentation

This augmentation mammoplasty is an invasive procedure where your breasts will be increased. That can be done using implants or by injecting your fat tissue from some other part of your body. Women who are considering this surgery are those who think that their breasts are small, or those who have one breast larger than the other.

Also, women who have tuberous looking breast usually undergo tuberous breast augmentation Sydney according to Breast & Body Clinic, which will increase their confidence. Breast augmentation is a part of the breast reconstruction surgery, where the surgeon is creating new shape of the breast or both breasts after the breast removal due to some health problems.

Breast augmentation results

Right after the surgery, you will most likely fell pain and your breasts will be swollen. That should pass after a few weeks, and the scars will fade after a certain amount of time. During the recovery period, you should wear a compression band or sports bra. This will help support the proper position of the implants. In some cases, the women should take pain medications.

You will be able to do some light physical activities after a week, but for some more demanding activities you should consult with your doctor.

Final word

When it comes to surgical procedures, you should know what to expect and to keep your expectations realistic. During your consultation with the doctor, ask everything you want to know so you could rely on him.

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