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What happens after Wisdom Teeth Removal? 6 Symptoms to Lookout for


Impacted wisdom teeth can be a problem when it is not removed at the right time. It could cause multiple dental health problems, besides the pain and discomfort a patient experiences. But what happens after your wisdom teeth in Sydney is removed? It is important to be aware of the postoperative symptoms that you would probably experience during the recovery period. Here are six such symptoms you should look out for:


After removing your wisdom tooth, expect swelling close to your cheeks and mouth. This might happen within the first three days after surgery. It is possible to control swelling with the help of an ice pack. During the first 24 hours after surgery, apply an ice pack on the cheek outside the surgical site. The rule of thumb is to apply the pack for 20 minutes, with a break of 10 minutes between each application. Never apply the ice directly on your face, as the cold temperature could affect your skin.


Another symptom that you would likely experience is bleeding. This is quite common amongst patients after getting their wisdom teeth in Sydney removed. Blood clots usually form after bleeding, in order to begin the healing process. However, if the bleeding is a little too much, try controlling it by covering the area using a damp gauze pad. Mildly bite it down for some time. Alternatively, you can also bite down a moistened teabag for about 30 minutes.


Pain is an obvious symptom that any patient would experience after removing the wisdom tooth. It usually starts as soon as the effect of the anaesthetic wears off. However, dental professionals will offer you pain medications to bring it under control. The intensity of the pain and how long it lasts will depend on the patient.


Dental expertswill advise you to take sufficient rest during the recovery period. Move slowly during the first few days after wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. Sometimes, it is possible for you to feel light-headed when you move too quickly. By following the medications prescribed and consuming nutritious soft diet, you will do just fine.


It is possible for your skin colour to change a little bit after removing your wisdom tooth. Don’t fret when your skin turns blue, yellow, or black during the initial days of recovery, because this is normal.


If you vomit or experience nausea after the procedure, avoid taking food, fluid, or medication for at least one hour. Drink tea or a carbonated beverage at this time, after which the nausea will subside. Continue taking medications only after you don’t feel nauseated anymore.

Your dental professional will guide you on how you can make the recovery process as smooth and convenient as possible. If you have any questions on wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney or concerns during recovery, don’t hesitate to contact the expert.

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