myopia disease

What is myopia disease? Explain its causes


Myopia alternatively known by the word near-sightedness or short-sightedness is a kind of disease in which a person is unable to see far things until it does not keep close to their eyes. It is the common disorder of eyes which is generally found in young people and children also. They are treated with the help of clinical myopia management. They discuss the treatment of children from worldwide researchers in their clinical practice. This disease occurs when the eye turn extended from front to back. Due to which light focuses on the retina instead of direct to it. The cornea is also a factor of causing the disease if it is more curved with the length of the eyeball or the lens inside the eye is much thick. It is called with the name of near-sightedness because of the ability to see the near objects clearly even then one is not able to see distinct objects along with a low driving vision.

We can’t say anything about its growth in our eyes. Sometimes it generates at the time of childhood and grows slowly. Few times it has been seen that it grows rapidly. It is a common eyesight problem. A large percentage of people in the world are suffering from this disorder and also its patients are increases every year. Many eye doctors believe that it may cause due to eye fatigue that may include much reading, sitting most of the time before a computer, and other electronic devices like phones and tablets. They suggest people spend more time outdoors instead of sitting before devices. In myopia, a person sees far objects blurry due to the incorrect shape of eyes that reverts the light rays from the retina.

Symptoms: As we discussed that this disease sometimes grows gradually in children while sometimes rapidly. All of us should know about their symptoms so that we can get alert from this disease. The most common symptoms of myopia are squint eyes, eye stress, and headache and fatigue eyes. Other symptoms of what to be noticed are:

  • When a person looks at the far objects it seems blurry. Even sometime he can’t recognise the object.
  • Sometimes patient eye has gone squint at the time of vision or he closes his eyelids partially to see clearly.
  • Due to eyestrain, a person feels a headache most of the time.
  • While driving he is unable to see the things clearly on the road so they are suggested not to drive, especially at the time of dark.
  • One can detect this disease easily at the time of childhood when he finds a persistently squint eye in their children.
  • Children want to see the television from a close distance.

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