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5 Criteria that you should check before selecting the right RT-PCR testing lab for you


India is sustaining the fight against COVID-19 as we are recovering from the second wave. Experts have claimed the third wave may hit the country if precautions are not taken seriously. In this scenario, you must not take any risk or negligence. If you or any of your loved ones have the symptoms of CVOID-19 or you are planning to travel to a different city, you will need the RT-PCR Test. Yes, most states in India are demanding a negative test report to permit inter-state transport. But where can you get accurate results of this test in Delhi? Here is how you can identify the best testing lab for COVID-19 tests.

RT-PCR Test In Delhi: Where To Find The Labs

The location of testing labs plays a crucial role since you need to avoid travelling and crowded places. So, you need to find a lab that has different collection centres across the city. You can easily choose the centre that is nearest to your house and give your sample for the test. But location is not the only criterion. There are certainly other factors that require your attention before you pay the amount for COVID-19 tests.

Factors To Consider Before Selecting A Testing Lab

You need to create a screening process to find the best and most reliable labs of all for the RT-PCR Test in Delhi. Contemplate your decision of going to a certain testing lab by keeping these factors in mind.

ICMR Accredited Labs

ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) has laid credibility standards for medical labs that can conduct COVID-19 tests. All pathologies are not accredited by the ICMR, depending upon the tools and technology used by the labs. So, make sure the Covid testing lab you choose has been approved by the ICMR.

Fully Operative With Advanced Tools

Rapid antigen tests and RT-PCR Test in Delhi both have different procedures for finding the results. However, they both use mucus and nasal and throat samples to detect the virus. Therefore, these tests require advanced technologies for accurate detection.

Utilising The Best Testing Kits

Many medical companies and pharmaceutical firms have produced COVID-19 testing kits to help the process. You must go to a lab that uses the best one. The accuracy of each testing kit is different from the other. By far, STANDARD Q has turned out to be the most accurate one. You can check whether or not the lab you have selected is using this kit or an alternative tool with the same results.

Home Collection Facility

If you do not have private transport or you need sample collection for an elderly member of the family, it is best to contact the clinic that offers a home collection facility. This way, you will not need to step out of your house for tests.

Numerous Collection Centres

The more collection centres a clinic has, the more tailored and reliable services you can expect. Affordability is also a factor in this case. But there are only a few labs that are offering only COVID-19 testing facilities. If you contact any of these exclusive labs, you are likely to receive the best service and facility. The reliability of services multiplies when the authorities are focused on one goal.

Finding the best lab for RT-PCR Test in Delhi will not be a problem, given the city houses some of the best healthcare labs in the country. All you have to do is check the details and locations to see if it is feasible for you to get the services. In these tough times, do not risk your health, thinking you may not catch the virus. If the circumstances insist, take the test!

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