5 Essential Medical Equipment for Home Care

5 Essential Medical Equipment for Home Care


A sedentary lifestyle combined with poor eating habits and everyday stress has become a top reason for people to suffer from different ailments, especially diabetes and blood pressure, etc. For people with chronic illness or injury, staying independent and safe at home depends upon getting what they need. This help is in different forms: expert medical assistance from health clinicians, caregiving from family and loved ones, and services such as yard work and food deliveries. For many people, one crucial source of help is in the form of devices designed for promoting safety and disease management at home. The demand for medical equipment for at-home usage is on the rise. Below mentioned are some of the essential medical equipment that you must own for at-home care:

1. Glucometer: 

This is a common medical device used to monitor the level of sugar in the blood. This is especially useful for diabetic patients who need a regular evaluation of their sugar levels. This makes it easier for the doctor to prescribe the required medication or change it as per the results. Glucometers are essential at-home devices for those dependent on insulin. The device calculates the sugar levels from the drop of blood obtained by the skin pricked with a lancet which is then placed on a test strip of the meter for analyzing the sugar levels.

2. BP Monitor: 

Also known as a sphygmomano meter, a BP monitor is a device used for measuring blood pressure. The pressure is monitored with the help of a manometer and inflatable cuff that these devices consist of. With the advancements in technology, the traditional stethoscope and cuff have evolved into automated machines to measure both systolic and diastolic blood pressures with accuracy. Whether you suffer from hypertension, hypotension, or none of the two, a BP monitor is a must.

3. Nebulizers:

Nebulizers are devices used for administering a medication that needs to be inhaled so that it reaches the lungs. With a constant increase in the cases of respiratory issues, nebulizers serve as lifesaving instruments for people to use at homes, especially those suffering from asthma or other pulmonary diseases (COPD). It makes use of compressed air and oxygen for breaking the solution into aerosol droplets that can be inhaled from the device.

4. Thermometer:

When it comes to thermometers, there are many variants available, from digital thermometers to infrared versions. Regular digital thermometers make use of electronic heat sensors for recording body temperature. These thermometers can be used in the mouth, rectum, or mouth. Armpit measurements are usually the least accurate.

5. Mobility Equipment:

For the elderly and other people suffering from mobility issues, mobility equipment such as crutches, wheelchairs and knee chairs, etc. work wonders and are necessary tools for performing everyday activities. These issues may arise due to old age, accident, disability, or any other issues that make the patient immobile. With the help of mobility equipment, the life of such people can be made easier.

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