5 ways to last longer in bed naturally

5 ways to last longer in bed naturally


Research points out that a quick round of sex is good for the skin and heart. However, it often does not satisfy the partners as compared to sex that lasts longer. Every couple has a different sexual urge, but what remains common is the fact that they all love long sex. Study indicates that most couples having sex across the world finish oneround within 5 minutes that is not enough to satiate their sexual drive.

Having a long session of sex not only makes your partner feel desirable but is also known to be healthy for the relationship. The fact is that in such cases the couple does not consider sex as a quickie a tick in the box exercise. Rather, they give time to each other, exploring themselves and satisfying their partners.

Now, if you have started imagining how you can prolong your sex sessions read on about 5 ways to last longer in bed naturally.

  1. Take time out for foreplay:

Nothing turns on a sex session as an imaginative and interesting session of foreplay. This is often the most neglected part of having sex. Rather, if you invest in the time of foreplay, you will realize that you are likely to orgasm more than once while having sex, which will help to satiate your urge for it.

  1. Space out multiple rounds of sex:

It is important to keep in mind that the men and women bodies function differently. A man takes some time to relax and recover post ejaculation, while women do not. Hence, space out your love sessions. Ensure that you indulge in some foot love or foreplay so that the partners get enough time to bounce back into action.

  1. Work out:

In order to derive maximum pleasure from your sex sessions, it is important that you work on your body. Men must have special work out sessions to control their pub coccygeal muscles. This way, they will be able to control the timing of their ejaculation to a great degree and will be able to maximize the pleasure derived from having sex. Simple exercises done on a daily basis will help to increase his control over the glands and muscles in his penis.

  1. Please the lady love:

Make the sex session desirable for your ladylove in bed. Now, women as compared to men take time to get aroused. If you are, looking for ways to prolong your sex session and pleasing your ladylove then look for the erogenous zones for women. Yes, some hidden spots are sensitive in their body, and that instantly helps to arouse them. These places vary from one to another and are usually –the armpit, stomach, nape of the neck, behind the ears, thighs and so on.

  1. Switch positions:

Another classic way to ensure long sex is to switch position. The moment you feel your man’s muscles tightening and about to come out immediately switch places and get on top. This helps in delaying their orgasm.

So, try the above five ways to last longer in bed and spruce up your sex life.

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