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5 Most Successful Breastfeeding Techniques


Breast milk protects an infant against sickness, obesity and allergies. While breastfed children perform better in intelligence tests and are protected against childhood diseases, women who feed have a reduced chance of ovarian and breast cancer, according to an article by WHO. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-bodies too. But to be able to reap the benefits and provide all the nutrients in the right proportions, adopt the right breastfeeding technique.

You do not have to feed in a particular position. Mothers need to be flexible and versatile to accommodate the baby’ needs. Further, make sure it is comfortable for both you and the child for an enriching experience. However, these are better said than done. Nursing is natural but can be quite challenging at times. But with smart planning and ample knowledge from the best gynecologist in Chennai it could be a breeze. Here’s a look at a few easy positions.

1.The Laid Back Position

This is also known as biological nurturing. It is helpful for nursing twins, preemies or babies who have difficulty in latching on, according to an article by Verywell Family. This involves reclining gently instead of lying flat on your back. It is a comfortable position for babies of all ages. It becomes easy for the baby to do the ‘breast crawl’ and latch on easily. Further, mothers who are top heavy can also find it easy to practice this technique. Use lots of pillows and cushions to support yourself.

2. Cradle Hold

This is the original breastfeeding technique that has been practiced since ancient times. You have to sit upright and position the baby on one side. The neck, head and shoulder are to be rested on your arms. However, for this position to succeed, you have to ensure that the baby is able to latch. Support your arm with pillows to avoid pain after a while. The best gynecologist in Chennai suggests turning and raising the head from time to time for proper feeding.

3. Side Lying Position

Lie on your side and hold the baby against you and bring it to the bottom breast and support them once they have latched successfully, according to an article by Healthline. Make sure the nose is in level with the nipple. Place your back and hips in a linear position to avoid pain. This position is extremely helpful for mothers who had a C-section. You can take the advantage of lying down and resting while ensuring nutrition to the baby. Slightly raise the back of the baby’s neck to avoid choking.

4. Cross Cradle Hold

This position is ideal if your baby has feeding difficulties. This is because mothers can easily view the nipple and the child’s mouth when it lies along the forearm. Tilt the baby’s head before latching and support the neck and the back. This way mothers have better control on the child’s feeding. Now you can use your free hand to drain different parts of your breast while feeding the child. Compression is vital to avoid breast pain due to over-accumulation of milk.

5.The Football Hold

This is perfect for mothers who have big breasts, forceful milk ejection and wish to feed twins, according to an article by KidsHealth. In fact, it is suitable for anyone who has had a C-section. This is because the child does not lie on your abdomen or stomach.  The position supports the baby well and gives you a full view of the face. The child should be tucked alongside yours while you are sitting. Add cushions underneath for comfort.

Try to anticipate the baby’s needs. Recognize the signs of hunger. Relax while nursing. Further, don’t hesitate to seek help from doctors at the best maternity hospital in Chennai.

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