Do’s and don'ts for IVF
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Do’s and don’ts for IVF


In-Vitro Fertilization or IVF is the proven and tested treatment for curing issues related to fertility. IVF is a worldwide recognized reproductive technology (ART) that helps in fertilization and implantation of the embryo in the uterus. The process of IVF includes medicines and surgical procedures, of course, that for helping sperm fertilize an egg outside the mother’s body and then placing back in the mother’s uterus. However, the success rate of IVF depends on person to person a lot on the. Therefore, these do’s and don’ts will help you to understand what is good and what is bad for your IVF treatment.

Before you start IVF preparing for IVF, I would say that it can be crazy but preparing is the important step that mostly ensures the success of the treatment. If you are looking for IVF treatment, then you must get in touch with the fertility experts at First Step IVF, the best clinic for IVF in Delhi.

hefollowing list of do’s and don’ts can help you to avoid any complications and problems during or after the treatment. Also,


  • Fitness is the key

The first and most concern in IVF is your health. Therefore, you need to maintain your health throughout the process. You can do regular exercise and light meditation or yoga. Keep in mind that you can do light exercises only to keep yourself healthy.

  • Eat fertility-boosting foods

The next and most important point is which type of food will help you in this process. The answer to this question is vitamins. Your doctor will recommend vitamin supplements for enhancing the fertility of your body and for the egg.

  • Take a proper sleep and rest

Sleep efficiently and eat good and fresh food and also meditate for at least 20 minutes daily. It will help you in increasing your patience level.


Before the treatment starts, you have to cut these things out from your day to day life. If you want good results then strictly cut them off.

  • Caffeinated beverages: Reduce the consumption of caffeinated drinks, instead try to include healthy fruit juices in your diet.
  • Alcohol: Strictly avoid the consumption of alcohol as the consumption of alcohol decreases the fertility and anyhow its not good for the health.
  • Smoking: Avoid smoking for a healthy body
  • Stress: Stress itself is the major problem for most of the health problems. Try to overcome the stress and you yourself would feel the difference in your life.

As I previously mentioned you could practice meditation to relieve your stress levels. Consult with your doctor for practicing self-restraint on smoking and consumption of alcohol or caffeinated beverages. Your doctor will give you some tips to get through it.

After you start IVF

For the success of the IVF procedure, it is very important to take proper care and give yourself appropriate attention. Therefore, these do’s can help you to know how to take care of yourself.


  • Always have one person whom you can rely on
  • Having someone who will be there for you in any situation will help you in decreasing your stress level by half. Most importantly this time your partner will be the most important person who can support you throughout the process. So always try to communicate with them, as it will help both of you to understand each other.
  • Eat more

Here eating more doesn’t mean that you have to eat unnecessarily. It means to eat healthy as much as you can. Prepare your diet which will consist of a large amount of fertility-boosting food and say no to junk food.

  • Take care of your hygiene

You should also stay away from using public things and also wash your hands from time to time. In today’s scenario, a dangerous virus like COVID 19 is infecting the world. So, at this time, it is very important to sanitize yourself and avoid public gathering.


  • Stress is not the solution

Many women are confused about how they can increase the chances of good results through IVF or what they can do for the baby, and this is one of the first things that should not get stressed on. You are going or have been through the treatment, and the time is not right for taking this much stress. So, you should take the time to heal your bodies with sleep and healthy foods.

  • Go light with the body

Don’t involve in heavy exercises and don’t have sexual intercourse. However, having sexual intercourse can lead to contractions in the uterine, thereby it increases the probabilities of uncertainty, so try to avoid it.

  • Avoid hot temperature

One more thing that you should avoid is the hot temperature. Therefore, you should avoid hot yoga, saunas, and hot tubs at all costs for some time.

These little do’s and don’ts will help you to stay fit and also make you more ready for the results.

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