CBD For Pets: What Does It Do?

CBD For Pets: What Does It Do?


CBD occurs naturally in cannabis, and unlike tetrahydrocannabinol, it is non-psychoactive. This has contributed to its popularity in the medical world because CBD helps with different ailments and conditions without producing a high, resulting in addiction. Although research is still underway, CBD helps treat illnesses such as anxiety, arthritis and cancer. In pets such as dogs and cats it offers a natural treatment alternative.

This oil has gained popularity among veterinarians because a few CBD oil drops go a long way in offering quality treatment for pets experiencing various health and behavioral issues. Here are some amazing benefits that CBD provides your pets.

1.Offer pain relief

The European Journal of Pharmacology published a study in 1997 indicating that the endocannabinoid system played a significant role in managing pain. Today CBD can help manage pain in your dog, be it inflammation or other discomforts. The CBD entourage effect results in reduced pain sensations as it stops the absorption of anandamide, a chemical that dampens the pain signal’s inside your pet’s brain.

Additionally, Cannabidiols have powerful anti-inflammatory properties; thus, your dogs will benefit if they have arthritis. It will also help reduce symptoms that are arising from arthritis.

2.It is an effective anticonvulsant

Another beneficial property that your pet can enjoy from CBD oil is its anticonvulsant properties. Vets use it to help control tics, seizures, and spasms that your dog may be experiencing. CBD is a natural anticonvulsant; therefore, it helps manage various kinds of these convulsions, mostly resulting from the rapid uncontrolled firing of neurons inside the animal’s brain. Research on this is still underway. But CBD oil restores order to the neurons, causing them to fire normally, subsequently preventing these seizures.

3. Helps reduce stress and anxiety

CBD does not only help with physical health symptoms. Like humans, pets also experience anxiety and stress due to different reasons. Sometimes you may notice your dog barking persistently, shaking, and biting on things, which may be because they are nervous or experiencing stress.

Additionally, your pets will often manifest anxiety through physical reactions. Pets experience different kinds of anxiety, ranging from noise to separation anxiety.  They also have specific phobias. Thankfully there is a range of quality CBD products from Opulent Organics, which will help your pet deal with anxiety. These products will also help your pet manage stress.

4.Helping slowdown tumor growth

Cancer tumors and other kinds of malicious tumors are common in pets. If left untreated, as is typical, these tumors can prove fatal. There is no cure for cancer; therefore, most vets’ treatments aim to reduce pain and symptoms resulting from these tumors. Most importantly, these treatments focus on slowing down the tumors’ growth rate making them more manageable for your pet. They make it possible to conduct removal surgery on the ailing pet.

CBD products have in recent times been used by humans to treat several ailments and their symptoms. However, the growing popularity in the veterinary world means that your pets can now experience a more wholesome and natural remedy to their different ailments.


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