Dangers on children during Covid-19 Pandemic and how Paediatrician can improve their respiratory health

Dangers on children during Covid-19 Pandemic and how Paediatrician can improve their respiratory health


Earlier, a viral infection had normal health issues like cold, fever, headache, etc. Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the issues are still the same, but there is hardly anything we can do about it. Though scientists around the world are trying to find a cure and a vaccine for the virus, the problem persists. The process to develop a perfectly safe vaccine for the virus is going to take time. Until then, normal conditions area far sight.

One of the most affected sections of society by this virus is the senior citizen and children. People aged 40 and above are affected and are at high risk. Private Respiratory Paediatrician all over the world is trying to save a life by minimizing the risk.

The covid-19 virus affects the respiratory system of the body, meaning it attacks the lungs and reduces their efficiency. This results in difficulty in breathing. However, a healthy body can resist the virus but, if a person is already suffering from any kind of respiratory disease, it can be a little dangerous for the person’s body to resist the virus.

Children, on the other hand, show quite good resistance towards the virus but are suffering from the consequences of coronavirus. Private Paediatric Respiratory Physicians in the UK help the children in protecting the lungs and provide them with proper care and treatment.

What are the characteristics that are seen in children with respiratory problems?

The quickest way to identify the disease is by observing the symptoms in the person. If the child is healthy, then the symptoms might be mild, thus unnoticeable. If any kind of milder symptoms is seen, then a Paediatric Respiratory physician in Manchester can help you recover properly from that.

In case the child is already suffering from any respiratory diseases like Asthma or Tuberculosis, then this virus act more dangerous. These respiratory diseases weaken the respiratory system, and this virus attacks the lungs; it may lead to puncturing of the lungs if not treated at the right time. The following symptoms, if identified, can help you prevent unlikely outcomes:


Fever is seen in almost all the covid-19 patients, and it is a serious problem now. The fever doesn’t go down even after it is treated. It can be fatal, and difficulty in breathing can prove it. In this pandemic, even a person having a fever spread the disease and is referred to as a spreader. Thus, maintaining social distancing and complete sanitization is the only way to stop the spread and be safe.


Cough is the easiest way to track the symptoms of the novel coronavirus in this pandemic. A dry cough or a cough that engulfs the patients’ throat for more than 5-6 days is caused by a virus’s reaction to the body. This cough further damages the lungs, forcing the body to use forceful respiration.

Chest pain and difficulty in breathing: Children already suffering from any kind of respiratory disease might look at it as normal and not be too serious. However, it can easily prove fatal if not treated properly and in time.

Other symptoms: It is reported that few teens have been admitted to the hospitals for conditions like multisystem inflammatory syndrome or pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome. Though, doctors are still learning about it and its link with the coronavirus. These symptoms may be due to coronavirus or not. But, this shouldn’t be taken lightly. These kinds of conditions can result in long term respiratory diseases.

The above characteristic may be shown by the people who have caught up a mild infection due to the virus. Few of the serious problems often show signs of trouble in breathing and heavy breathing from a few days. Apart from this, the consumption of liquid also becomes hard for the children, and the skin color also changes, including the lips and face.

However, the sleep cycle gets disturbed due to short breathings, and the child could end up waking troubled or confused. For people already suffering from other respiratory diseases, symptoms like belly pain, rash, diarrhea, headache, and confusion are common. To treat yourself with adequate care and get the proper help, Private Respiratory Paediatrician in Manchester should be the first choice.

What can be the possible outcome, and how Paediatrician can help you with your respiratory problem?

The outcome of these problems for the children suffering from the respiratory diseases in this pandemic is that; now they will have to be more careful unless a proper vaccine with no side effects is available. Even children with minor respiratory problems can turn to be affected by it seriously, and long term problems can be followed after it.

Problems like Asthma or blood disorder can weaken the immune system. These are the problems related to the respiratory system. Other than these, Diabetes, heart problems, liver diseases, and chronic kidney diseases can be considered. People, who are already suffering from this, show a higher risk of getting severely affected by the virus. In case you have any query about the symptoms and their effects, consulting a private respiratory Paediatrician should the one thing that should be on your mind.


The Paediatrician will take a scan if your respiratory organs have some serious problems. This is done to check if the condition may be due to this virus. You will be treated by the finest Paediatrician and will have a complete solution on how to get your respiratory system back to healthy functioning.

Though the virus is affecting the children as much as the adults, some children dealing with other health issues can be prone to Covid. This virus might trigger some long and chronic respiratory diseases. So, always keep the surrounding sanitized and maintain distance from almost everyone. To get more updates on your respiratory health and regular check-ups, a Respiratory Paediatrician in Manchester can provide a complete solution to it. And, as said by all, prevention is better than cure.

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