Get the smile design treatment for an improved and better smile
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Get the smile design treatment for an improved and better smile


Smile designing treatment plays a part in improving someone’s smile appearance through some analog or digital smile designing techniques, which includes some cosmetic dentistry programs. This particular technique involves various aspects, like dental veneers, teeth whitening, tooth crowning, implants, and many more.

The smile designing treatment in Kolkata is not just about looking great; it is beneficial for you and your oral health.

The methods of smile design treatment

There are a few methods of smile design treatment. Those methods are –

Teeth whitening:

Drinking and smoking can badly affect your teeth and may cause staining and discoloration. That is why teeth whitening are necessary. The teeth whitening process improves your smile by bleaching your teeth and boosts your confidence.

Dental veneers:

Discolored and broken teeth are rectified by using veneers. Veneers came in different shapes and are used to maintain perfect gaps between your teeth.


This process is much expensive and durable through many patients prefer it. Bonding is used to prevent discoloration and to rot of teeth. Bonding is more effective than other processes, and teeth whitening comes second after it.

Tooth crowning:

Crowning is useful in rectifying cracked teeth. RCT, accident, and degradation cause this condition.

3D Dentistry:

This is a revolutionary program in the field of smile designing treatment in cosmetic dentistry in Kolkata and worldwide. It is also known as digital smile designing. Through this process, the dentists are now capable of studying your oral condition more accurately. In this way, digital smile designing programs have been proved as a huge help in this field.

Dental implants:

This is the process by which you can hide the gaps between your teeth. When the gaps are visible when you smile, it exposes your oral hygiene and loses your confidence. A dental implant is a real solution to cure this.

Professional cleaning:

A professional cleaning can improve the texture of your teeth.


This is used to fill up your teeth.

The types of achievable smile

A smile is the result of the functions of your teeth in front. This is the common thing in all smiles in the world, even though each smile is different in many ways. There are different types of smiles available to achieve with the smile design treatment as per your choice.

Enhanced style:

This smiling style is very notable because of its soft edges, and it provides you a younger look.

Oval smile:

This style is for round-shaped faces.

Aggressive style:

This smile style is flat and straight, which provides an aggressive look on your face.

Youthful style:

This smile style is to look younger even though you are aged a little bit.

Mature style:

This smile style is more likely the aggressive style. But it provides a more mature look.

Softened style:

This smile style is for those who neither want a youthful look nor an aggressive look.

Digital smile designing

Digital smile designing is a way that enhances the vision of a smile design treatment provider by using technologically advanced way. It increases predictability and creates a stronger communication system between doctor and patient. The digital smile designing process uses videos, photographs, and other digital systems to better understand the patient’s oral condition.

This process works simply. When you contact a digital smile designing service provider to pursue this particular process and agree to move forward with it, 3D photos and videos are taken. Then with those photos and videos of every angle of your mouth, a digital scan is done. The digital scan shows the problems and the possible best results you can achieve.

Who should or should not go for the treatment?

The smile design treatment is for those suffering from various oral problems, such as teeth loss, decaying, weak gum, broken tooth, dark patches, gum bleeding, etc. The people who want to enhance the smile also undergo the smile design treatment.

Post-treatment guidelines

The post treatments guidelines are –

  • Brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day
  • Do not use any mouthwash that contains alcohol
  • Flossing regularly
  • Do not consume high-sugar food to prevent cavity
  • Do not consume too much coffee and soda

Recovery time after the treatment

Once the smile design treatment is done, you must maintain the guidelines mentioned above to get the best result. The recovery time after the smile design treatment depends on you and how you react to those guidelines.

If you cannot follow the guidelines mentioned earlier, you cannot complain about the delay in the result. Generally, it takes 2-4 weeks after the smile design treatment to recover from the previous stage, but only if you convince yourself to follow those guidelines properly.

How much do you need to spend on a permanent result?

The smile design program’s cost depends on various subjects, such as where you want to pursue the smile design treatment or the number of features you want to explore at a time. If you pursue it from any cosmetic dentistry in Kolkata, it will cost around 50k INR.

Conclusion – should you consider it or not?

The smile design treatment is not only for showing off your smile. It is also for your oral health. So, if you find that you are suffering from any oral or dental diseases or if your teeth are not strong enough or if your teeth are ugly and because of this you do not get the confidence to smile or laugh in front of people, you definitely consider the smile design treatment for a better, confident and smiling life ahead.

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