How to Know if You Bought Authentic Modafinil Online

How to Know if You Bought Authentic Modafinil Online


Shopping online is an exhilarating experience because you can get everything you want just using your fingertips. Online shopping is a new platform that offers more than convenience and ease of payment but also competitive prices. These are the reasons why more and more people are enticed to online shopping from clothing to shoes, gadgets, appliances and even food supplements or medications.

Speaking of medications, online pharmacies are gaining popularity these days. Sometimes you dread going to the pharmacy personally for a refill but you do not have a choice. Fortunately, with the help of online pharmacies, your medications will be delivered straight to you. If the medicine is not available in one online pharmacy, you can quickly browse for other online pharmacies with ease. Just like traditional pharmacies, they also require a prescription before dispensing a product.

If in this case, you want to buy armodafinil, the purest form of modafinil, you need a prescription. Pharmacies discourage that you share prescription or medication without consulting the doctor. Remember that your prescription is yours alone and sharing is not good for other patients because they might have different reactions. Unfortunately, there is a risk here. The risk of receiving fake modafinil is high. Online shopping can also be a platform for people who only seek to make money.

You have to be vigilant whenever you buy online especially if it is modafinil. Remember it can do more harm than good if modafinil is not authentic. Spotting a fake modafinil is sometimes hard because many manufacturers produce it too well. There are some manufacturers that fake it using different tricks like diluting the pill, creating small dosage, adding cheaper ingredients, putting useless ingredients and many more. In the case of modafinil, spotting fake one is rather easy. Here are the guidelines:

Check the website
Most online pharmacies now have websites that feature products. It is critical that you seek out the company’s address and business contact numbers. You will find it on their pages. If you really want to make sure, you can call it. Although there are some like modadropship that doesn’t have a website, many people still trust it.

Receiving guidelines
After identifying a trusted seller, you shouldn’t be complacent. Once received, you have to check the packaging. If there are signs of tampering, do not receive it because it is a sign of mishandling. After opening the box or package, check for the label. Make sure it is not poorly done and not faded. The medication guidelines should be clear and the product should be neat.

When taking
When you are taking it, observe if there is a difference. Modafinil is a wake-inducing drug that helps people with narcolepsy go about their daily lives for 12 to 15 hours a day. If you are suffering from narcolepsy, modafinil should keep you in prime condition for 12 to 15 hours without fainting or falling asleep. If after one hour it didn’t kick in yet, it means it is not real. Modafinil can also be used as a nootropic or smart drug. When taking it, your focus should be improved.

When urinating
One way to spot if it is a fake is how the medication changes the smell of your urine. Taking an original modafinil will definitely take a toll on your urine. Modafinil has that unpleasant smell. It is not modafinil if you smell sulfur-like with other different odors.

Now that you know the different tells of a fake modafinil, it is time to get to know more about it. You only know modafinil as a wake-inducing drug that will keep you awake for 12-15 hours. The recommended dosage is 200 mg. For people suffering from narcolepsy, they should take it early in the morning. For people with shift work sleep disorder, they should take it 1 hour before their scheduled duty. As a nootropic, you can take it in the morning but start with lesser dose.

Doctors are telling not to increase dosage to 400 mg without consultation because there are no studies supporting higher doses have more effect. It is always safe to follow medication guide provided by the doctor to maximize its effect. However, if you noticed some symptoms like nausea, palpitation, chest pain, heartburn, difficulty breathing or swallowing, shaking, sweating, flushing and many more, seek the doctor immediately.

Do not postpone meeting with your doctor because modafinil needs to be monitored or tracked. Doctors will perform medical tests like blood pressure to check for side effects. If you missed a dose, let it be. Resume taking the day after you missed it. Do not compensate it by taking two doses because it will keep you awake for longer periods of time. If in case you want to stop, inform the doctor first to gradually decrease your dosage otherwise you will experience withdrawal symptoms which is not good for your body and it can affect the people around you.

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