Tips on how to give CBD to your pets

3 best tips on how to give CBD to your pets


Cannabis has various known benefits to the health of a human being. What you may not know is that this plant that has been used by a human for a very long period has some excellent benefits to your pets especially your canine pets. If you are interested in giving your dog a cannabinoid, then make sure you give the pet CBD. CBD is considered one of the best cannabinoids to give to dogs.  CBD for dogs is good for the health of the dogs.

Endocannabinoid System

Research from top cannabis pioneers indicates that human beings have an endocannabinoid system. Other mammals including also dogs have this endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system in simple terms is a non-localized system in the body of mammals and also dogs that is used to give an animals balance and support. The system gives stability to all the organs and mechanisms in the body of the animal. The endocannabinoid system depends on the cellular receptor sites which are known to extend through the body of the animal.

Benefits of CBD for your Pet

If your pet suffers from common animal diseases such as arthritis or even anxiety, then CBD may be the best cannabinoid to soothe the animal. CBD will even make your dog stay relaxed and calm. When a dog encounters any new stress from the surrounding environment, it may be over-vigilant. Such animal emotional pressure could be as a result of the inclusion of a new pet being brought in the house or the neighborhood. It is the old type of pets that have high chances of suffering from diseases such as arthritis. If your pet has such symptoms, then you can help your pet by giving it some organic CBD oil or CBD spray.

Tips on How to Give your Pet CBD

  1. Apply the CBD Oil in the inside parts of your dog’s mouth

When giving your dog CBD oil, it is important first to know the size of your dog’s mouth. Dogs are given the oil using drops or droppers that are full of oil. If your dog has no issue with you administering the oil, then the simplest way to give your dog the CBD oil is by drawing up the right amount of oil in the dropper. When administering the oil to the dog, you need not to shake the bottle first. Make sure you insert the dropper as close to the back part of your dog’s mouth without having to gaggle the oil. When the dropper has been placed in the right position and is near the back of the dog’s mouth, then you can squeeze the dropper gently. You need to ensure that the dog swallows the oil that you have squeezed in its mouth. It is important and also recommended not to dread the sight of the bottle to the dog— if you do so, you may make the dog always to run whenever you grab the bottle containing the CBD oil to be administered.

  1. Mix the Oil with something tasty

Remember when you were young, and your mum could mix the most tasteless or sour medicine with something tasty? In the same way, when you want to give your pet the CBD oil, it is recommended to mix up the oil with something tasty. You can mix up the oil with something like peanut butter—as long as the peanut butter does not contain sweeteners that are toxic for dogs or xylitol. Make sure you have the right balance when mixing up the oil with the sweetener. After you have mixed up the appropriate dose of CBD oil with the sweetener, give it to your dog just as you would have given it normally. You can administer the oil using a spoon or inside a treat so that you can keep them busy.

  1. Mix their food with the CBD Oil

This method of administering CBD oil to dogs will work best with wet food. When using this method, always start giving the dog small doses of the oil and increase the dose gradually. This process of gradually increasing the dose over certain intervals make the dog get used to the taste of the oil. The process of mixing food with CBD oil is not complicated. Simply add the CBD oil directly to the wet food of your canine pet, mix it up and let the mixture soak for a couple of minutes. After the oil has soaked up with the wet food of the dog you can now feed your dog as usual.

  1. Put the oil on a treat

This method of administering the CBD oil to the dog only works best with treats that are penetrable or porous. The porous gifts have the advantage of absorbing the CBD oil— failure to using such treats will make the oil to slide off before your dog can even have the time to eat it. To achieve administering our dog using this method simply apply the right amount of oil to your treat and give it time to soak in before giving it to your dog’s mouth. This is the type of method that works best for small pets like for example small dogs such as Chihuahua’s that need small doses of CBD. Putting an entire dropper that is full of the CBD oil on a dog’s treat can be quite messy and also tricky, this is the reason why this method does not work that much well with big dogs that need larger doses.

  1. Try and Make your pet treats

Making your dog treats can be much rewarding; however, adding the CBD oil can be quite tricky. This is an excellent method of administering the oil to the canine dogs; however, when baking the CBD oil can evaporate, and you may lose all the benefits of the oil. If you want to use this method in the right way, it is recommended to always bake the treats at a lower temperature for a lengthy period.

If you are interested in knowing more about CBD oils for pets and also other methods of administering the oil to your dogs, make sure you visit our website for more information.

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