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Personal injury protection insurance aids the commuters who have incurred medical expenses or lost their wages due to injury. However, oftentimes insurance agencies make the claim processing cumbersome. After the trauma of an accident, commuters always face frustrating situations while dealing with the insurance agency. The personal injury protection attorneys–Denver can readily help accident victims get the necessary assistance immediately. At times, your insurance company can deny your claim due to the following reasons:

  • Lapse of policy coverage
  • You did not pay the premiums on time
  • Falsification in the insurance policy
  • Medical treatment claim is not covered under your PIP policy

However, we believe that, had you paid the PIP premium properly and your claim is legitimate, then you certainly deserve PIP coverage.

Our personal injury protection attorneys–Denver, are highly experienced, who can make your injury claim process smooth and successful. In case your insurance agency fails to grant you the compensation you deserve, you can always file a petition and open your case again.

Our attorneys are proficient enough to investigate every detail of your policy coverage. We are well experienced to combat your insurance claim issues in and out of court. In a remarkable case, our attorneys were able to convince the jury to award our customers 3 times the actual amount offered by the insurance policy.

Personal Injury Protection policy allows the commuters to carry on with their medical treatment without waiting for the insurance agency to decide on the issue.

Loss of Pay Reimbursement

If you are covered under a personal injury protection policy, your employer needs to submit a salary verification form that you should submit to the insurance agency to get the reimbursement. Our personal injury protection attorneys–Denver attorneys can readily coordinate with your employer to ensure this document is properly submitted to the insurance agency.

Every commuter must understand the fact that whenever they claim for any kind of compensation, the insurance agency will certainly find out ways to pay the commuter less than the amount they deserve or even try to reject your claim for any compensation.

There are certain procedures needed to be fulfilled according to the personal injury protection policy, which may require the commuter to undergo an independent medical investigation as per the policy and our attorneys are well-experienced with this process.

According to our history of cases, whenever the insurance companies decided to provide only partial compensation and made our clients pay the remaining medical bill, our attorneys brilliantly argued the case and made the insurance companies to provide the full compensation that our clients deserve.

Nevertheless, whenever the doctors on behalf of the insurance companies decided that no further treatment is needed for the commuters, our attorneys have successfully handled the issue to get the extended medical care to our clients.

Our attorneys are ready to offer our clients the vigorous advocacy they deserve to combat with the insurance companies to comply with their compensation policy. We can very well understand the agony of our clients and their economic burdens in connection with the aftermath of the accident.

Significantly, as per the eligibility criteria for claiming compensation, the commuters should have sought medical treatment from a licensed doctor within two weeks of the injury / accident, failing which the commuters will be forfeited from their claim compensation under personal injury protection policy.

The personal injury protection attorneys–Denver are capable of evaluating your circumstances and establishing a strong case to claim what you deserve from the insurance company. Oftentimes, insurance companies have been placing barricades to their commuters for seeking the compensation they deserve. Nonetheless, they enforce strict rules and regulations such as harsh timetables, the compensation they pay based on the injury type, types of permissible medical professionals for treatment, and subjecting the commuters for further medical investigations to verify and confirm their injury.

As per the personal injury protection law, the insurance companies have the right to get their commuters medically investigated by their doctors to find out whether the commuter is eligible for the compensation. If the doctor who is investigating on behalf of the insurance company declares that the commuter has recovered from the injury, or else their doctors say that the injury is nor so severe enough to get the medical benefits from the insurance company, they will certainly deny you the medical treatment and further benefits. In such a situation, our personal injury protection attorneys–Denver can combat your case and get you the medical compensation you deserve.

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