Significant Facts You Must Know About Cancer

Significant Facts You Must Know About Cancer


What is Cancer?

Cancer is the state of the human body where the immune system of the body gets weaker gradually and eventually body lost all the control over the various functionality of vital organs. Cancer cells can grow uncontrollably in any part of the organ and affect the whole human body system.
As per the medical records, cancer holds the top position in deathly diseases. It is advisable to go for the advance health check-up to monitor your health timely. Also, cancer can be eliminated from the body in its initial stage. Survival rates go down as per the high stage of cancer. There are negligible chances of survival for the person who is on the final stage of the deathly disease.
If there are any single symptoms of cancer persist for continuously a week, then immediately see a specialist. Let’s raise a little more awareness about the terminating disease by going further to this article.

Some Significant Facts About Cancer:

Cancer is the condition of any part of the body, where cell growth increases uncontrollably.
As the cancer disease related to a different organ, there are around 200 types of cancer detected so far.
Usually, cancer is not easily detectable because the symptoms it shows is quite similar to some curable disease like viral fever. People got sceptical of being hit by cancer when the symptoms persist for long-duration, unlike in viral fever.

Common symptoms of cancer:

Unthinkable weight loss
Skin change
Change in bladder function
Unusual bleeding
Cough or Voice change
Continuous fever for a week or more
Digestion problem persists for long like vomiting
Though there are various clinical tests available to check the existence of cancer. Biopsy considers as the most reliable test to identify cancer.

Different perimeters check about cancer through Biopsy

Cancer type
Cancer stage or survival chances
Helps to decide accurate treatment procedural, like the number of chemotherapy sessions, surgical procedure, or radiation therapy

Are you looking for a Medical Oncologist in Kolkata?

A trained professional who has rich experience in diagnosing and treating cancer refers as an oncologist. Unfortunately, if there is any sign of cancer persist, the doctor’s consultation is necessary. If you don’t have time to go physically for a check-up then book your doctor’s appointment online. Medical websites like offer a very guiding and helpful website to schedule your appointment by using the various search filters. As per the working, you need to type, “Medical oncologist in Kolkata” and as per your search result, you will have the details of all experience oncologist in Kolkata. Book a suitable time to discuss your health problem with your doctor and live worry less after receiving a negative result.

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