Tears, aches, and sores

Tears, aches, and sores: The Therapeutic Solution


Ever feel your arthritis acting up making your joints ache and pain? It hurts does it not? Whether you are young and active or old and gray, arthritis hurts like he…well, you know that word is supposed to be. Meet Zea Relief, Tasmania‚Äôs best kept natural secret! They developed the first 100% natural product range that contains unique therapeutic and pain-relief benefits of Australian Kunzea Natural Oil.

An Australian family business, Zea Relief was developed by a natural range of Kunzea products and pure essential oils. The products are 100% natural, of therapeutic quality, and toxin and cruelty-free. For maximum quality and safety, the products have been naturopath-formulated.

Derived from the Kunzea ambigua plant, which flourishes in the North-East Tasmania pristine wilderness, the Australian Kunzea Oil is naturally clean, fresh and has an invigorating aroma.

Kunzea Oil has an organic composition that makes it unique. Its special therapeutic uses and benefits are thanks to the high content of several essential C15 compounds. The major components are as follows:

  • Alpha-pinene 52%
  • 8 cineole 12%
  • Alpha-terpineol 2%
  • Bicyclogermarcrene 4.4%
  • Globulol 7.6%
  • Viridflorol 6.8%

An active ingredient in the Zea Relief Kunzea Product is the Australian Kunzsea Oil (AUS L 294 644). These products are the first of its kind that contains the therapeutic benefits of Kunzea Oil and were created to be highly effective.

Sore joints, as well as the aches and pains that are caused by arthritis, are targeted by the oils and they are absorbed by the oil through the skin that has the inflammation. The active components of the oil that triggers the healing process of the body to help relax the muscles and ease the pain. Other approved conditions may also be worked out with this product.

Apart from the various therapeutic uses, there are a number of key benefits when it comes to refreshing and aromatic oil. These include:

  • Safe and suitable for most skin types
  • Organically grown (without certification)
  • Sustainable wild-harvested in Tasmania
  • Helps decrease inflammation and pain
  • Aromatically uplifting and invigorating

For their vision, they aspire to be the leading provider and knowledge base for Australian Kunzea Oil Products in the world. Although they are not yet in demand, they strive to show that their essential oil has full medicinal potential and be able to use them in a positive manner that will help impact the lives of the people around the world.

Their mission is to commit to building awareness for the extensive and diverse benefits of the Australien native oil.

Warning: A healthcare practitioner must give you the go-signal to be able to apply oils, much like most essential oils. It is recommended that when you would like to apply some oil onto your skin, try the Zea Relief Products.

So hurry! kunzea & pure essential oil online are now available!

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