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Things To Know and Tips About Buying Manuka Honey Online


Eating pancakes or drinking tea would be best when adding manuka honey to it because they blend well and taste even better, so we often have a bottle stored in the pantry. However, your health may be at risk if you have a health condition, such as diabetes because it is rich in sugar which means that this may affect your sugar level, so you are advised to consult your doctor first. Even those who are allergic to bees or honey should be very careful because if you ingest or apply this, then it may lead to an allergic reaction.

If you would like to eat something or like to buy beauty care products with this content, then you have to make sure that this will not harm you. This product is always available in most shops, but you may also purchase online and you should know where to buy Manuka honey that is made with organic ones. We all know that a lot of these products are sold online so we have to get the ones from reliable stores, with good reviews, and high ratings for us not to be disappointed after receiving our parcel.

Purchasing wrong items may even lead to stress and depression so you should carefully check or at least know something about the online store or learn more details regarding their products and services. I know that it is not also your first time to place orders online because everybody is doing this nowadays but as consumers, we have to be extra careful, so we don’t end up wasting money. Manuka honey is popular and commonly served on the table so it would be great if we are serving the right one and enjoying it with our family and friends.

Healing Properties

Are you aware that people from the ancient period started using honey in treating various conditions due to its natural antibacterial component? This property serves as a protection of one’s body against harmful bacteria, enhances the production of cells incharge of repairing tissues that were damaged because of infection, and aids in relieving pain as well as inflammation – read more from about this process.

Such properties, however, are not found everywhere because of different ways in production, harvest time, location, and type of liquid extracted. I supposed you know that manuka honey is one of them because of its healing properties and that’s the reason why a lot of consumers are interested in it.

Components and Rating

Aside from hydrogen peroxide as an antibiotic which is also found in other types, manuka honey contains MGO or methylglyoxal compound that fights harmful bacteria. MGO was produced through DHA or dihydroxyacetone which is a highly concentrated compound from the manuka flower’s nectar. This means that if the MGO’s concentration is higher, then the antibacterial effect will be stronger and that makes it more potent.

The potency is usually rated through UMF or Unique Manuka Factor which rates the essential components, such as MGO, leptosperin, and DHA. These will determine how genuine the product is since many of us today believe that this is therapeutic. So, the UMF rating must be 10+ for this to be considered genuine which means that you have to look for this rating when purchasing online.


Manuka honey is usually used to heal minor wounds as well as burns. It is also an effective treatment for sore throat, cough, skin problems like dermatitis as well as eczema, and digestive disorders – this article will tell you more about this.

However, if you are not sure how to prepare and properly use this as a wound dressing, then it is best to consult an expert. But for now, you can simply store your jar in the pantry and use this when preparing food or beverages. That will still be effective since it has antibacterial and antiviral components.

Grade or Level

The most important thing that you should know when buying manuka honey online is the grade or level. This is determined through the UMF system so you should look at the label or detail and check the UMF value. This is usually given because it refers to the amount of MGO content for every bottle, so it has to range from 5+ to 20+, though 10+ is a good one.

If possible, the UMF has to have a higher rating because this means that it would be more effective against bacteria. This also shows that it is more potent so if you are going to buy a bottle with a rating lower than 5+, then that can’t treat any condition but it’s just sweetened liquid. With such a low rating, you better go to the supermarket and buy sugar.

A higher UMF rating will also certify that it is pure and organic as well. It is easy to find this product but what you need to check is the authenticity and you need this to be effective when used as a treatment.

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