What Foods Can You Eat After Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

What Foods Can You Eat After Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?


Getting your wisdom teeth removed isn’t just an excuse to make funny FaceTime calls to your friends. It also means that you’re going to have to watch what you eat to avoid hurting your sensitive mouth. Here at Crossroads Family Dentistry in Colorado Springs, we have plenty of experience with wisdom teeth, so here are our favorite treats!

What CAN I Eat?

Soft foods and liquids are the name of the game right after you’ve had your wisdoms removed. So, things like milkshakes, smoothies, and ice cream are all great — and very tasty! — options. Of course,we’re dentists, so we can’t tell you to just eat junk food. Luckily,there’s lots of other yummy options. Soups and broths, yogurt, applesauce, mashed potatoes, and scrambled eggs are all healthy, tasty choices that are easy on your mouth. If you’re feeling especially uncomfortable, then try sticking with cold foods, which can be more soothing on a sensitive mouth.

What CAN’T I Eat?

Some foods you should stay away from for at least a week after the operation, and even longer if you have a sensitive mouth. Acidic and spicy foods are especially important to avoid, as is anything sticky, chewy, or alcoholic. Foods that crumble, like cookies and popcorn, can also cause problems when small pieces get stuck in the extraction site.

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You should also avoid using a straw or doing other things that will over-exert the muscles in your mouth.

Want More Tasty Tips?

Well, if these 24 yummy recipes still aren’t enough, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call today, and not only can we give you enough recipes your whole family could get their wisdom teeth pulled, but we can also answer any other questions you might have!

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