Tips for Managing Cholesterol and Cholesterol Medication

Tips for Managing Cholesterol and Cholesterol Medication


Cholesterol, it may sound simple, but when you dig deeper into it, you will realize that it could cause more damages than you think. High amounts of cholesterol are the primary cause of heart attack, stroke, and other heart-related problems. It puts you at high risk, and it is only wise that you do all you can to maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

The first thing to do once you learn that you have high cholesterol is to change your lifestyle. This means changing your diet and even start working out as this will help burn the excess fatty substance. These two are the most recommended. However, time may come when you want to try out something different. You may think of using medication to lower the cholesterol level. Unlike lifestyle change which is easy for anyone to adopt, when it comes tocholesterol medication, there are aspects that you must consider first to ensure the treatment is effective and that you are not putting your health at risk. If you are here, the chances are that you want to try managing cholesterol & cholesterol medication, but you are not sure of where to get started. Here are a few tips to guide you.

Understand your health

The first tip before embarking on the medication is to understand your health and risks. High cholesterol is not the only cause of heart problems. The issues could be connected to your family history, smoking, obesity, or even lack of working out. Do not assume that just because you have blood pressure, then it is definitely resulting from cholesterol. Talk to a health specialist first and let the physician advise you on whether you are fit for the medication or not.

Determine your goals

How much excess cholesterol do you have or how much do you intend to lose? This question can quickly be answered through the help of a doctor. The expert will advise you on how much is required to raise your HDL cholesterol levels and lower your LDL levels. This will vary from one person based on gender, age, and heart problems risks. With this, you will have an insight into how far you should go with the medication.

Try lifestyle changes

Before settling for statins, it is recommendable that you try lifestyle changes. This might work better for you than the medication. Change your diet, try working out, and quit smoking if you do. You do not even have to try hard. Avoid foods with saturated and Tran fats for a diet change. When it comes to working out, you do not need to struggle with going to the gym if you cannot. Simple exercises like walking to the store or to the office and back will do.

Try statins

If after lifestyle changes, you still do not get any results, maybe it is now time to use medication to lower your cholesterol levels. Ensure that you talk with your physician and let him/her recommend the best option for you after ensuring that you are fit to use statins.

With these tips, managing your cholesterol will be much easier and manageable. Also, you will not be putting yourself at risk of using products that are not fit for you. All the best!

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