Treatment and Prevention for a Painful

Treatment and Prevention for a Painful Ankle through Ankle Support


The ankle joint is often injured as a result of a sprained or ruptured ligament, most often on the outside of the ankle. Sprains can occur during any sport, be it a hard collision or a light blow, and even when stepping on the fossa and twisting the ankle.

Injury prevention brace

Wearing an ankle support brace is also common among athletes who have already suffered ankle sprains to prevent further injury and soft tissue damage. In fact, athletes involved in sports that can cause ankle sprains, such as snowboarding or football, are advised to wear ankle supports to prevent this painful injury from occurring.

Today, there are high-tech bracelets, each designed for a different purpose. Some ankle supports are specially designed to protect against injury and are made of lightweight fabric for comfort and soft support. Anyone who has suffered an ankle injury is advised to wear bracelets or even bracelets to avoid further tissue damage.

Degrees of support

Various degrees of support can be found in the many anklets available on the market. For example, orthotics such as the DonJoy Velocity is designed to be worn inside the shoe and is more flexible and lightweight for proper movement during sports. These lightweight ankles are commonly used to stabilize and prevent injury. Some lightweight and comfortable ankle support can also be used to increase stability, so you can avoid injury during daily activities.

If someone is recovering from a Grade II or III ankle sprain, there are ankle braces that offer moderate support that are specifically designed to speed healing from this type of injury. These braces can also be used if you suffer from chronic ankle sprains. Those unfortunate enough to sustain a serious ankle injury that resulted in a severe sprain should be relieved to know that there are many ankle supports to use immediately after an incident and during recovery. One of the most popular is the Aircast Air-Stirrup Anklet bracelet. Airbag technology uses compression to reduce swelling and stabilize the injured ankle.

Elastic ankles and supports are available for people with acute and chronic ankle injuries and can also be used by people with ankle and foot osteoarthritis.

Cold therapy

Recognizing that cold therapy is integral to recovery, there are many foot and ankle bandages that include cold compresses. Cold helps to reduce swelling, thereby reducing pain and discomfort.

Nobody likes it when their ankles hurt. You can find compromise in even the most basic day to day tasks and movements. People who have suffered an ankle injury are strongly advised to discuss this with their therapist or healthcare professional to properly assess the condition of their ankles. Healthcare professionals are the people who know best what kind of orthosis or ankle support to use.

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