What Is Hospice Care?


Millions of people have life threatening illnesses, life altering illnesses, or life limiting illnesses that require constant professional medical care. These illnesses can lead to long hospital stays or prolonged recovery periods in the home. During an extended illness in a hospital or rehabilitation center, professional medical associates provide around the clock continuous care.

If the patient is able to go home, they may require home health visits from a professional nurse who makes daily visits to assure that the recovery stage of the illness is going as it should. Some patients have life limiting illnesses which means that they will not recover. An understanding of Hospice care will help make this time easier to bear especially for family members.

Terminally ill patients have the option of being in a nursing facility, or they can spend their remaining time at home. For terminal patients, hospice care is recommended. Hospice Sugar Land TX is a service of caring for those people who have progressive life limiting illnesses. This service helps makes the remaining time of the patient dignified, peaceful, comfortable, and as fulfilling as possible. Hospice offers spiritual and emotional support to their patients by combining symptom management, and pain control. The patients are seen wherever they reside so that they will be in a familiar environment that is peaceful to them.

Hospice care also provides a more comforting situation for the family members and caregivers/ The care of a terminally ill loved one can be both physically and emotionally draining. Hospice care provides a retrieve for the family by allowing them time to recoup, and lower their stress level. Medication is provided for the patient until such a time that the medication does not provide any type of pain relief. It is usually during the final stages of an illness that the medication is ceased by the doctors and the hospice staff.

Many people are under the mistaken impression that when the doctor order hospice care that the end is very near. This is not always true. There are many cases where patients live for long periods of time in hospice care. Some have even gotten off hospice care. These are isolated cases, but they do occur. Hospice care is also a service that family members may not have to worry about paying the cost. Because most hospice patients are older adults, the cost of the care is generally paid by Medicare. It is important for all Medicare recipients to check their plan to see if they have the Medicare Hospice Plan. Although this is something that most people do not want to look into, it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Hospice care helps terminally ill patients increase their quality of life for as long as possible. The interdisciplinary team will also address the physical and psycho-social distress that is focused on the dying patient as well as the family. Hospice will also help families with communication, making decisions, and clarification of any misunderstood processes. The main goal is to make the remaining time for the patient as easy as can be. The care that is provided has helped many patients with their transition. The professional medical teams of Hospice care do not have designated hours for their visitations. They are there whenever the patient or family needs them. They work around the clock so that someone is always available. They want to be there when the transition takes place to help make things easier for family members. They will help make the necessary phone calls when the end arrives.

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