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Why Is Body Jet Liposuction Surgery Popular In Thailand?


In Southeast Asia, Thailand is a destination that performs affordable plastic surgery. It’s more difficult than it sounds to shed off extra pounds. Weight loss pills and programs have flooded the market being self-proclaimed as the ‘most popular’ or the ‘best’ option for this purpose. These hardly live up to their promises once you start using them. You may indulge in rigorous exercises, modify your food habit and improve your lifestyle choices and you are not guaranteed weight loss. In this case, only cosmetic procedures will provide you with the remarkable differences you hope to achieve. Through liposuction technology, body jet liposuction is currently one of the most effective ways to remove unwanted fat cells.

The body jet liposuction can be an effective, safe, and simple alternative if you are not comfortable with invasive surgical fat removal. This treatment is very popular in Thailand, especially in Bangkok. We recommend you to browse more on internet by using the local term, ดูดไขมัน Body Jet, to find qualified local clinics.

Why is the procedure popular in Thailand?

Thailand is known for offering a range of plastic surgeries and procedures at an affordable rate. The doctors in the country receive their training in Western nations. Medical tourists are attracted to get their surgeries and procedures in Thailand because the health care system in the country is known for being advanced and affordable.

Thailand has a known history of offering body jet liposuction and other procedures at high-quality facilities across the country. Depending on the facility you choose to use, liposuction cost ranges from USD 500 to USD 2500. Many hospitals in Thailand are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), which promotes strict standards of care. Thailand offers a safe and clean environment with a qualified and capable medical team that knows the latest techniques and tools to deliver the best results.

KPS Clinic is one of the popular clinics. Located at 21, Soi Chidlom, Lumpini, Pathumwan District, Bangkok Metropolis, 10330 makes it very accessible, either by a private car or a public transportation like BTS. You may see the Google Map to KPS Thailand.

How can you pay for the surgery?

In Thailand, the process of paying for body jet liposuction depends on your nationality. If you are from the UK or USA you’ll pay via cash or credit card. Tourists from other countries have to comply with Thailand’s payment procedure to get the surgery done. It is recommended that you enquire about other fees that may be charged on top of the cost of the actual surgery. These include medication costs, anesthesia costs, facility fees, aftercare fees, surgeon fees, pre-op, and post-op consultation fees. These costs depend on the type of procedure one is undergoing. Thanks to the popularity of medical tourism globally, you can check with your health insurance provider whether they cater for international medical coverage if they don’t cover some of the costs.

How can you be sure you are making the right decision?

Research thoroughly to find the top-notch facility for your procedure with the best medical professional team who can speak English well and communicate with you easily. This will ensure the journey is a lot safer and easier. Ask for a facility tour before signing on to have the surgery there. This will allow you to get to know the staff and raise any concerns and questions in regards to the care you’ll be receiving. This will also enable you to make an informed decision before your surgery begins. To be sure you’ll receive the highest quality care and gain some clarity, ask the surgeon about their academic qualifications and where they received their training. Also, ask whether the surgeon is recognized by international bodies. These questions will help you determine whether you will be in capable and best hands if you elect the facility and staff to have your surgery done there.

Price should not be the only defining factor to rule out a medical facility. However, paying a higher price doesn’t mean you’ll get better care. One can save quite a bit of cash when they opt to have body jet liposuction done in Thailand.

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