Why Should You Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened
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Why Should You Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened?


Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic procedure, and it’s nothing new. It’s easy to get teeth whitening kits over-the-counter or online. But, how safe are they? Have you ever thought about it? Probably not! If you value your dental health and want to protect your teeth and gums, then opt for professional teeth whitening Epping.

In fact, the over-the-counter teeth whitening kits could actually harm your teeth and gums than good, especially if you buy high-strength whitening kits. Teeth whitening is a great way to brighten your smile and confidence, but, not with store-bought whitening kits.

Here are a few reasons why choose professional teeth whitening over store-bought kits:-

Long-lasting results

This is one of the significant reasons why you need to get your teeth whitening with the help of a dentist Epping. The goal of whitening teeth procedure is to attain a more aesthetically pleasing, whiter smile. However, the results are not always the same and guaranteed with at-home teeth whitening kits. Moreover, it’s not recommended by the dentists as well.

When you professionally get your teeth whitened, you’ll have a healthier, brighter smile for a long period of time with minimal maintenance. The dentist will ensure the teeth are whitened with high-quality products that don’t cause any harm to your teeth and gums by taking necessary precautions for quality results.

Teeth whitening kits might help you achieve a brighter smile instantly, but it won’t last for a long period.


Do you know store-bought teeth whitening kits could damage your teeth and irritate gums? In fact, the chances are high that’ll experience extreme sensitivity and enamel damage, which eventually leads to tooth decay, inflammation, and infection. Teeth whitening provided by the dentist eliminates the risk of teeth sensitivity and damaging the enamel of teeth.

This is because teeth whitening procedure involves the use of chemicals to remove the stains from the teeth. A properly applied whitening gel could help achieve the desired result and give long-lasting results.


No two people are the same. So, does their needs. Everyone has different needs when it comes to teeth whitening. While some may need to preserve the appearance of their teeth, others may have severe staining and tooth decay that needs to be removed. So, it’s essential to tailor the procedure according to your needs, which is possible only when you get your teeth professionally whitened.


Cost is one of the significant reasons why many prefer store-bought teeth whitening kits. But, the fact is, teeth whitening provided by the dentist is quite affordable and safe.

If you’d like to whiten your teeth, please call us to book your appointment.

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