David Crawford - What is a Hip Replacement Surgery

David Crawford – What is a Hip Replacement Surgery and How Does it Help Patients?


A hip replacement surgery is an operation which doctors perform to replace a patient’s arthritis-affected hip joint with suitable prosthetic parts. Such implants are generally made of metal or high-quality plastic. Medical experts recommend this procedure when other treatments to provide relief to the patient from excruciating pain fails. These could include undergoing intense physical therapy, exercise, or consuming anti-inflammatory medicines.

David Crawford – A general overview of hip replacement surgery

Dr. David Crawford is a popular orthopedic surgeon from New Albany, Ohio, with a decade of experience under his belt. He is graduate from The Ohio State University College of Medicine. His area of expertise lies in the treatment of disorders which affect the bones, surrounding muscles, and joints. Currently, he practices at Colonel Florence A. Blanchfield Army Community Hospital in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Is hip replacement surgery a safe procedure?

Dr. Crawford admits many people are suffering from arthritis, and show interest in undergoing a hip replacement surgery. Unfortunately, they are not sure whether the procedure is safe or not. He explains that surgeons have been conducting this operation for years. Over time, there has been a rapid advancement in technology and the techniques medical specialists use. The surgery still has inherent risks. These include blood clotting, post-operation infections from the incisions, dislocation of the joints, and fracture. Nevertheless, specialists take necessary measures to minimize these risks during the surgery.

As per David Crawford, during a standard hip replacement operation, the surgeons first administer general anesthesia to the patient. This is necessary to put the individual to sleep so that he/she does not feel any discomfort. The medical experts then proceed to make an average 10-inch incision at the side of the patient’s hip just above the thighbone. After some time, they remove the surrounding damaged cartilage. Then the specialists attach the prosthetic hip joint to the thighbone using a special material. After this, the surgeons attach the muscles and stitch up the incision.

Advantages of hip replacement surgery

Dr. Crawford points out the following three important benefits of hip replacement surgeries for patients:

  1. These patients get instant relief from the severe pain they suffer from because of their arthritis-affected hip joint;
  2. The new prosthetic hip joint increases their mobility. They can walk freely without the aid of a cane or climb a flight of stairs with ease; and
  3. The hip replacement surgery offers them a better quality of life as they are able to sleep better.

According to David Crawford, undergoing a hip replacement surgery can change the lives of people suffering from arthritis. The new prosthetic hip joint gives them instant relief from the discomfort they experience and increases their mobility. They can walk without having to use a walking stick or climb a staircase easily. These individuals should not forget this operation has its share of potential risks. It is prudent to schedule an appointment with a qualified surgeon to know the pros and cons of the operation for success.

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