How to Keep Your House Clean

How to Keep Your House Clean


While some of us really enjoy the part, keeping up with the cleaning of the house on a daily basis is an unequivocal drag for most of the people. We understand how much you would want to avoid; given a chance, we here have curated and created a list of our top house cleaning tips that cover everything from the sterility of the toilets to hygiene in the kitchen – all in a simple, hassle-free, handy manner. Something which is not too difficult to keep up with.

  • As weary as it may sound, make your bed first thing in the morning. Unmade beds are one simple thing that makes the entire room look messy. Not just a fresh and clean room, you get a splurge of productivity in the morning, making your entire day more fruitful and energetic. Also, an organized bed gives a feel of an organized start.
  • Wipe your side tables every day without fail, keep wipes in the same table’s drawer to hike convenience. These are common places for mosquito breeding.
  • Wearing fresh clothes every day not only keeps you clean but keeps you healthy as well. Hang (only if you must) your day’s outfit as soon as you remove them, chair or bed is not the place. Mucky clothes should directly go into the laundry bag.
  • Hygiene in the kitchen starts with the dishwasher – empty it every day, while the coffee brews or the bread is toasting. Always keep the kitchen clean and dry.
  • Dish towels are another essential part of hygiene in the kitchen. Change them frequently; we recommend tossing them out to wash every alternate day, if not daily. Dry them in sunlight as much as possible.
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  • Make sure to wipe down the stove, clear the microwave and keep up with your refrigerator before dozing off.
  • Vacuum clean crumbs and use a wet mop on the floor after dinner. Floor cleaning liquids can be used on a daily basis.
  • Enforce a no-shoe policy inside the house; this significantly reduces the amount of household dust. If not the entire house, at least hygiene in the kitchen and bedroom is highly recommendable.
  • Vacuum clean the floor on the weekends. Wet mopping and use of floor cleaning liquids are recommended on a daily basis.
  • Do one load of laundry every day; the weekly routine makes dirty clothes pile up in one corner of the room, which attracts mosquitoes.
  • Clean up the toilets on a daily basis; it takes only a couple of minutes but hikes the hygiene appreciably. Scrub your taps and showers once a week and wipe down the sink daily. Mirrors can be cleaned with a spray cleaner and paper towel. Hoover, sweep or mop bathroom flooring alternate days and use floor cleaning liquids for best results.

If you keep up with these chores every day, weekends turn out to be a lot more chill and relaxing (which is essentially what they’re meant for)! Plus it takes a lot less effort when it’s divided into 7 days’ activity.

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