A Guide to the Side Effects of Alternative Medicine

A Guide to the Side Effects of Alternative Medicine


Active ingredients in medical marijuana called cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds in plants and animals. Even our own bodies manufacture cannabinoid compounds. When ingested, cannabinoids can decrease the symptoms of glaucoma, spasticity, and eating disorders.

If it’s your first time using cannabis as a prescription, you should know its side effects. If you’re prescribed with the drug in Tulsa, dispensaries such as Whole Leaf can help manage your suggested dosages and further educate you on how to respond to the side effects of the drug.

You’re suddenly hungry

Scientific research says that cannabis can trigger hunger hormones in our bodies, hence the term “munchies.” This stimulation of the appetite is especially useful for people with HIV-associated wasting syndrome or cancer-associated nausea and anorexia. However, among other users, this can also motivate weight gain, which can lead to obesity. Thus, practice monitoring your eating patterns while on cannabis.

You’re getting sleepy

Cannabis contains terpenes, aroma molecules that give off the unique fragrance of cannabis flowers. These molecules amplify the sedative effects of the drug, which makes us feel drowsy. These are the same molecules found in essential oils used for aromatherapy to make us fall asleep faster.

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Take note that sleeplessness is also a side effect. However, this is a worse kind, as this might already indicate addiction.

You can’t concentrate

The effects of the active compound THC on our cognitive abilities are plenty. It skews our judgment, impairs our sense of coordination, and erodes our ability to focus and recall. This happens because THC quells our anxieties by attaching itself to receptors in brain regions responsible for memory functions. This can also cause long-term cognitive issues.

Your head and gut hurt

Minor dizziness can just be a derivative of what cannabis does to our brain. However, if it worsens and causes chronic nausea or hot flashes, then you might be taking it excessively.

Constipation, on the other hand, is a rarer side effect but happens nonetheless. It’s caused by an active componentCBD or cannabidiol, which affects our gastric motility. This determines how gradually or quickly solids pass through our intestines.

You can’t talk straight

As a result of reduced muscle strain, you might experience difficulty in speaking or even swallowing food. Cannabis inhibits the information delivered by motor neurons to our muscles, causing our motor skills to slow down. While slurred speech is normal, don’t neglect any difficulty in breathing, as this can also be a sign of respiratory infection.

You suddenly feel anxious

There’s no doubt that cannabis can alleviate anxiety, stress, and depression in patients. However, it can cause these symptoms, even with decent prescribed doses.

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The psychoactive compound THC can trigger pre-existing mental conditions or worsen withdrawal symptoms due to drug dependence. Nonetheless, either case should be made clear to your doctor before consulting about a cannabis prescription.

Now that you’re aware of these side effects, you should think carefully before purchasing alternative medicine. If you take it haphazardly, you risk harboring addiction, which is a tougher illness to overcome.

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