Buy yourself an easy tanning method

Buy yourself an easy tanning method


It’s tanning season that means it’s time to get those beach chairs out on to the decks and start sunbathing, while giving yourself a massive sunburn. Let’s be frank, tanning is hard, it takes too long, and sometimes you don’t even tan you just get burned. What’s the fun in that? And other methods are sometimes a bit more expensive, like tanning beds. Not only are they expensive but they can also be harmful to skin as they it is not natural UV rays. Plus I don’t think anybody would like to be stuck inside the bed, especially is they have a fear of confined spaces. The next method is a pray tan, these will just look utterly fake, and if you do it wrong you may end up looking like an oompaloompa. Another method is the melanotan injections, this directly focuses on the melanin inside your body. All these methods are available almost everywhere, but it is sometimes hard to find the injections, so where to buy melanotan is a question most people have.

Can you buy in from a store?

The problem with this is that it is illegal to sell in come countries, like the US, and in Australia, where it is completely banned. So it would be difficult to buy it from stores. In the UK it is illegal to sell and ship, but that doesn’t mean that customers can’t purchase it. Overall in these countries you won’t be able to get it over the counter, and may have to keep your options available.

Can you buy it online?

If you’re wondering where to buy melanotan from then the internet is the best place. There are tons of websites that specialize in these injections, so you can get them with out a worry. Some of the most popular websites are,, and, you could also purchase it on more familiar sites like eBay, or Alibaba. So you don’t have to worry about having a hard time finding it, it should be a piece of cake. After you order you’ll just have to wait a week or so, and you’ll be all good to go.

What countries is it available in?

In most countries this drug is illegal so you won’t be able to find it in many places like Australia, or the US, or in the UK. However you should be able to get it from countries like Sri Lanka, India, China, and Malaysia and so on. You should be able to get it from more Asian countries, however it is not over the counter. But if you search the black market they are bound to have many suppliers from all over the world.

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