Manage Stress and Diabetes with A Good Functional Medicine Practitioner

Manage Stress and Diabetes with A Good Functional Medicine Practitioner


The management of diabetes is a process you need to pay attention to life. Its management does add stress to your everyday life, and this becomes a hindrance to controlling glucose effectively. The levels of stress in the body directly affects your glucose levels. Doctors in the field state if you are suffering from diabetes, it is prudent to manage your stress, or else your body will react negatively. The major reaction that your body has when faced with stress is a fight or a flight response. This elevates the hormones in the body and agitates your nerve cells.

Take help from a good functional medicine practitioner

With the guidance and help from a good functional medicine practitioner, you are able to manage stress and control blood glucose levels. In order to understand how stress can harm you if you are diabetic, you should understand how the human body works. When you are stressed, the body emits adrenaline and the stress hormone Cortisol into the body. This causes respiratory rates to rise. Your body later directs blood to the limbs and muscles to allow the body to combat this situation. When you have diabetes, your body is not in a state to convert glucose into the energy you need, so it starts to build up in your bloodstream. If the stress is consistent, you face long-term health issues as this will wear you down physically and mentally. The ongoing stress deteriorates your health, and it becomes challenging for your body as well. You suffer from headaches, fatigue, the tendency to sleep a lot, tension, and pain in the muscle. Mentally, you become depressed, anxious, restless, irritable, and de-motivated. This snatches the joys of living, and gradually you might face relationship problems as well!

Reduce stress and improve the quality of your life

In order to combat diabetes and keep stress in control, you must ensure you control both mental and physical stress. If you need medication, take the help of a good doctor who can help you. You should make certain lifestyle and diet changes to ensure you are giving your body the nutrition it needs when you are stressed.

Consult a good functional medicine practitioner regularly with your blood sugar reports and health status. Besides medicines, you can also reduce stress with meditation and deep breathing exercises that are simple to do from any place. If you like working out, join a gym so that the “feel good” hormones called endorphins are released in the brain. In this way, you will not succumb to the emotional eating of you are down. Most people like to eat a lot of refined carbs and sugary snacks when they are depressed and de-motivated. This causes energy levels to drop, and their health deteriorates further. It is prudent for you to always consult a good doctor and dietician if you are a diabetic and subject to a lot of work and personal stress. They will help you with the right diet, medicines, and exercises to alleviate the stress and boost your quality of life with success!

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