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Do you know how the fetus is developed?


All beginners to the pregnancy-related terms get confused and seek the complete guidelines to know the fetus development process. If your pregnancy is confirmed, then you have to take note of your last menstrual period’s first day for calculating the pregnancy stage. Your due date can be calculated by properly counting from the first day of the last menstrual period. 


The complete progress of the pregnancy is measured in weeks of gestation and your baby will be given gestational age. Gestation is the period especially between conception and birth when the infant grows and develops inside the womb of the mother. It is not possible to be aware of the exact conception time. If you are 12 weeks pregnant, then your fetus is only 10 weeks old. However, the baby is referred to as a 12-week old fetus. 


Important terms about the pregnancy 


A lunar month is equal to 28 days. The pregnancy lasts 10 lunar months. The lunar months are used for describing important events during the pregnancy. The three stages of pregnancy are germinal, embryonic, and fetal. You have to know how the fetus is developeds and how the pregnant woman has to take care of herself during pregnancy. The sperm and egg fuse during fertilization in one of the fallopian part for forming the zygote which movements down the fallopian part and becomes a morula. 


The morula will move to the uterus and turn into a blastocyst which warren into the uterine lining and such process is known as implementation. Keep in mind that within twenty-four hours after fertilization, the healthy egg is successfully divided into so many cells.  


In the second week after fertilization, the ovum’s hollow space has acquired 2 parts namely a yolk sac used to produce the small blood vessels as well as cells and an amniotic sac which is filled with essential fluids. The main functions of the amniotic sac are to protect the development of being from shocks, constant temperature maintenance, and a good barrier against infection in any aspect. 


An embryo form of the fetus is developed during the third week to eight weeks after fertilization. It is available only 1/8 inches long. Buds in this stage grow into lungs and heart development takes place. The three layers of cells are the base for all such positive changes in the development of the fetus.   


Notable changes in the baby development 


In the 4th week, the nervous system and brain of the baby start to grow. In this stage, the baby’s face, lower jaw, mouth, dark circles in place of eyes are formed. The heartbeat starts and the blood pumping process also begins in this stage. The arms and legs of the fetus start to develop in this stage. 


If you like to know how the fetus is developed immediately, then you can focus on every aspect of the 4th week after fertilization. In the 5th week, the embryo is available in ½ inches in length. In this stage, the baby’s nervous system, spinal cord, and brain are developed further. In the 6th week, the head is large in comparison to the trunk. Baby’s external ears from elevations on both sides of the head start to develop. 


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