The Skin Wonders It Does

Lactic Acid and The Skin Wonders It Does


Now more than ever we need and crave for clear skin especially with the increase in pollutants and a harmful environment. But in order to clear your skin you need to first get rid of the irritants that occupy your skin. One way to do this is to introduce lactic acid into your skin care regime. Lactic acid is just amazing for the skin and is surely going to help you get rid of toxic residues on your skin.

Importance of Lactic Acid

A darling in the skin care industry, lactic acid is an alpha hydroxyl acid which is a chemical exfoliate that clears the surface of the skin by breaking down the impurities, skin cells and sebum. It works great with dry and mature skin as it gently removes impurities. You can discover the benefits of lactic acid for skin with this post from The Skin Care Clinic.

Lactic Acid works best with skin that is:

  • Hyper pigmented skin
  • Skin that is dull and lifeless
  • Dehydrated rough and dry skin
  • Acne prone skin
  • Skin full of facial lines and wrinkles
  • Skin that has ingrown hair
  • Lumpy dirty congested skin. 

Effect of Lactic Acid on the Skin

  • Lactic Acid increases the creaminess in the protective barriers of our skin.
  • It improves pigmentation, increases water retention on the skin and prevents congestion.
  • Lactic Acid has more than one skin benefit and is a true multi tusker.
  • It stimulates the exfoliation of our skin and in turn promotes cellular renewal.
  • It helps in reprogramming and healing of the skin cells.
  • It promotes Collagen which helps to prevent skin from ageing
  • It suppresses the formation of Tyrosinase which in turn reduces skin pigmentation
  • Its gives a radiant looking skin.
  • It also helps to cure chicken skin bumps on the back of our arms and as a treatment for rosaceous, eczema etc 

The Science behind Lactic Acid

Lactic Acid belongs to a family of acids that gives us a moisturizing effect and reduces Tran’s epidermal water retention. It does so by increasing the natural oil and fats of the skin. It has a Pilosebaceous unit which helps treat acne prone skin. It can also stimulate Fibroblast Activity which makes our epidermis thick and more compact.

Here is to Introduce Lactic Acid to Our Skin

We can apply Lactic Acid to our skin through cleansers, serums, masks and also clinical peel treatments. It can also be introduced to our body along with Vitamin A, B and C and makes a great team together with these Vitamins. Once you have these Vitamins and Lactic Acid in your skin care routine you no longer have to worry about ageing skin. You can use Lactic Acid in the form of exfoliating cleansers, serums as well as masks.

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We all have always dreamt of clear youthful and radiant skin and the key to that has to Lactic Acid.

If you really want to get rid of all your ageing skin, pigmentation and dullness you have to introduce lactic acid in your skin care regime without further delay!

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