What is meditation

What is meditation? Explain its types


Meditation is the process of making your thoughts into feelings. An individual thinks about the same object continuously that helps in improving concentration. It helps in converting the complexity of mind into the simplicity of the heart. This is the reason why we said that the meditation process includes both the mind and the heart. There is many meditation classes’ run around us. So many people go to the class and take advantage of it. Many people feel better in their health after doing meditation. Many researchers study it and declare that it affects positively to our minds. These classes run by the professional instructors that help people in doing it correctly. Meditation is very important in today’s busy life for everyone. The schools for meditation provide some offer to the people so that it enhances us to join classes. The meditation classes Melbourne also gives several benefits to their clients. The meditation process helps our mind in focussing and redirecting our thoughts. They are asking to think about the positive things that help them to feel more positive, self-disciplined, and healthy. There are different types of meditation is done that have several benefits.

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  1. Mindfulness Meditation: Like its name, we can easily understand it. It is the method of meditation that asks you to sit completely with your thoughts. The mindful term means you must be remembered about the place where you sit, what you are doing currently, and what things are happening around you. This meditation can be done anywhere where you find any quiet place. You have to only close your eyes and keep focusing on your breath.
  2. Transcendental meditation: This meditation is very simple and everyone’s favorite. In this process you have to close your eyes and start recites any word, phrase, or mantra repeatedly. It will give you a lot of comfort and relaxation with your body.
  3. Guided Meditation: This method is also known with terms of guided imagery and visualization. In this type of meditation, you are asked to create only that image or condition in which you find relaxing. This is typically done under the guidance of an instructor.
  4. Vipassana Meditation: this is an ancient style of meditation that you get mostly in India. It is a process of transforming yourself into self-observation. It is done with deep communication between the mind and body.
  5. Metta Meditation: it is known with alternate term loving-kindness meditation. it teaches you about well-wishing towards others.
  6. Chakra meditation: This meditation is done by observing the whole energy and spiritual power inside the body.
  7. Yoga Meditation: This is the most popular meditation all around the world that helps our body in many ways.

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