Radiologist: What Is It And When Do You Need One

Radiologist: What Is It And When Do You Need One


Radiology is vital to medical care for many reasons. It is all about imaging for medical purposes and it involves a lot of professionals. Included are nurses, radiographers, radiologists, and sonographers. Even biomedical engineers, medical physicists, and other support staff are part of it. Melbourne radiology is a key diagnostic tool for a lot of diseases. It helps with monitoring treatment and can help with predicting specific outcomes.

What is a radiologist?

A radiologist is a doctor who takes pictures or images of the inside of your body. These will help in diagnosing and treating your illness. There are different ways of taking these medical images.

  • X-ray
  • CT scan
  • Ultrasound
  • MRI
  • PET scan

A radiologist has nine or more years of medical education. He or she also has at least four years of on-the-job training called residency. Most radiologists spend another one or two years on a specialized area. Common specializations are emergency radiology and breast imaging. A radiologist needs to keep up with medical advances in radiology. It helps in keeping his or her certification.

When do you need a radiologist?

You do not usually go and see a radiologist as an initial step. You will most likely see your primary care doctor first and he or she will give you a recommendation. There are several reasons why you might need to see a radiologist.

  • Blocked arteries or other vessels
  • Broken bone
  • Cancer screening
  • Foreign objects in the body
  • Infections
  • Pregnancy
  • Screening for tumors
  • Torn muscle
  • Trauma and accidents

What should you expect on your visit?

Most appointments only take several minutes, but it can last for two hours or more. There are no needed preparations. But you may need to avoid certain foods, medications, and drinks before some tests. Never forget to tell the radiology staff if you are pregnant or trying to have a baby. Low-dose radiation in X-rays and CT scans can harm the baby. Your doctor may use a different imaging test if possible.


A medical X-ray is simple. Your radiologist will instruct you to get in a certain position. It will be over in a few minutes. An X-ray is often done after a car accident. You also need an X-ray if you have pneumonia, lung cancer, or other conditions. Even trouble in breathing might call for an X-ray.

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CT scan

A CT scan is like an X-ray but it gives a more detailed look at your body. Beams of X-rays circle your body. It allows the viewing of your organs, bones, and other parts from several angles. You need to lie on a padded table and it will slide into a short, open-ended tunnel-like equipment. A radiologist uses it for several reasons. Most common are to check a complicated bone fracture, internal bleeding, and infections. CT scans can also help in checking the tumor size and a lot more. Some CT scans need you to take a contrasting substance by mouth or IV to give a clearer image.

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