The Many Reasons To Choose Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment to Treat Wounds

The Many Reasons To Choose Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment to Treat Wounds


Modern medical technology has meant many things to many people. In particular, modern medicine is giving hope to people who might otherwise give up on ever recovering. Wound care provides a good example of this. And in particular, the case of wound care through use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBO.

There’s many different reasons why one might want to make use of HBO. Strictly defined, people usually use HBO as a treatment for problematic non-healing wounds. Somewhere around 10% to 20% of all wound care cases currently make use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. One in five cases might seem like a high value. And in fact it is a rather high number. This demonstrates just how important this form of medical assistance has become.

Wound care specialists use the chamber to administer 100% oxygen to a patient. The patient, inside the chamber, is safely contained within that pressurized environment. This allows oxygen to enhance the overall saturation within a patient’s bloodstream. In doing so it helps reduce swelling, fights off infections, improves generation of new blood cells and can even help skin grafts or diabetic wounds.

One can extrapolate the type of patient who’ll gain the most from this type of therapy. Wound care specialists typically urge patients with diabetic ulcers, radionecrosis or osteoradionecrosis, refractory osteomyelitis, compromised skin grafts and traumatic peripheral ischemia to try hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

This also paints a picture of why this is such a revolutionary technology. One should consider the earlier estimate of how many people are making use of this technique. The number is fairly high. One can estimate that even more people could make use of it. And this is all only possible thanks to modern technology.

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Issues involving wound healing are often especially worrisome to patients. It’s not just the long term pain or discomfort of wounds either. The larger problem is that the human body simply doesn’t do well with wounds which won’t heal. Of course, one needs to consider the underlying issues which make the wound so problematic in the first place. This is always going to be a pressing concern with wound healing. It’s also one of the reasons why treating persistent wounds can be such a difficult prospect. It’s hard to treat an underlying condition, the wound, and the third factor which needs to be considered.

That third factor is the simple fact that open wounds tend to become worse rather than better if new skin cells aren’t being properly produced. The skin can become necrotic in a shockingly short amount of time. It’s also quite common for secondary infections to take hold within these wounds. This quickly escalates and ensures that the wound will prove even more difficult to treat.

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Basically, skin exists for a very good reason. People can deal with a wound for short periods of time. But anyone who’s had a small cut in a visible portion of their body can attest to how quickly it usually seals up. The human body puts a tremendous amount of resources into healing wounds and generating new skin cells. This is because having open wounds poses a severe risk over time.

Thankfully more and more people are finding the help they need through hyperbaric oxygen therapy and hyperbaric chamber treatment. One will often need to take a first step and actually inquire about it though. People can often schedule an appointment on their own. And if not, health care providers are usually quick to prompt eligible patients to receive proper HBO treatment. It’s rare for healthcare providers to not hold up the possibility of using it for treatment. However, since patients often need to opt in they have a chance of simply not remembering that they have this option. As such one should always keep it under consideration and inquire about it if needed.

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