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Use a Shampoo for Colour-Treated Hair


In the hair care section of your local store, you are likely to find two types of shampoos: colour-treated and non-coloured. What they all have in common is that they both can re-colorize your hair. Which one is better depends on what kind of colour you want, but there are some other things to consider as well?

Do you have coloured hair?

Do you wish to avoid using a shampoo that can strip colour from your hair? If so, you should use a shampoo that is not coloured. Those shampoos are designed specifically to control the growth of colour, so they are good at keeping your hair looking its best.

Have you coloured your hair?

If so, a shampoo with Vitamin E may be necessary. The Vitamin E shampoo is designed to protect your hair from dyes, which can cause your hair to look washed out and dull.

Have you dyed your hair?

If so, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using a redken extreme shampoo for colour-treated hair. In most cases, you should wait until the dye has completely dried before shampooing.

What kind of shampoo do you use?

The kind of shampoo you use will affect the way your skin looks. A shampoo designed for colouring hair will leave you with a greasy complexion. By using a shampoo for colour-treated hair, you can prevent these problems.

Is your skin sensitive to shampoos?

For people who have trouble dealing with skin irritation, using shampoos with a large amount of sulphates can be too harsh. You may also need to use a cleanser that is specially designed for sensitive skin.

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Is your itchy scalp? If you have any redness, itching or red patches on your scalp, you should consult your dermatologist about avoiding shampoos with sulphates. There are special shampoos for this problem.

Do you have dark or light hair?

If so, you need to decide if you want to use a shampoo for colour-treated hair or a shampoo that does not have dyes in it. These kinds of shampoos are designed to make your hair look more natural.

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Do you have a skin condition that causes irritation, itching or pain? If so, you may need to use a shampoo with natural ingredients. These are less harsh on your skin.

Are you allergic to anything in the shampoo?

If you are sensitive to herbs or additives, you need to avoid using a shampoo for colour-treated hair. Sometimes an allergy can be responsible for the problem.

How often do you take care of your hair?

A good shampoo for colour-treated hair is designed to help keep your hair healthy. If you shampoo your hair too often, your hair may become dry and brittle.

Are you unhappy with the colour of your hair?

If so, a shampoo for colour-treated hair may be the answer. Those shampoos have natural ingredients that help balance your colour.

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