Dentist Clinton Can Advise on Whether to Go For Dentures or Dental Implants

Dentist Clinton Can Advise on Whether to Go For Dentures or Dental Implants


It is noted that nearly 70 percent of adults in the US lose one or more of their teeth owing to some untoward incident. Other dental issues like tooth decay or gum disease are also there. Now, the decision is whether to live with that, or get in touch with a good dentist Clinton and look for a solution. Replacing the missing tooth is not a big deal. Your local dentist can always suggest you solutions like dentures or dental implants. The choice is what is crucial because you would be the one who would be living with it. When in two minds, you can always get in touch with your dentist for the right choice.

So, dentures or dental implants- what will be your choice? Before making your pick, what you just have to do is have a good idea of what they are. Dentures are false teeth, but it might not be ideal for everyone. Dentures need to be fitted well, right in place with proper adhesive or it can slip out while one is talking or eating. In a public place, that can cause one embarrassment. Moreover, the fit has to be right, and one has to feel comfortable while wearing it. Otherwise, there is no point in getting them. One can also opt for partial dentures, depending on the need, but they always come with the chance of infection and decay if the fitting is not right. In the opinion of many dentists, however, dentures are a good choice for those with weak jaws or gums.

Dental implants on the other hand are more sturdy replacement teeth which are fitted surgically into the jawbone. Dental implants can last a lot longer if the oral hygiene is good, and one takes care of the same. It is a good choice for those with just one or two teeth missing.

In case you are settling for dentures, then there are some caring to be done for the same as well. Following are some denture care tips that can help you keep the dentures in good shape for longer:

The dentures have to be cleaned thoroughly with brush every day. One should not be using toothpaste as chemicals in some can ruin the dentures. One should be using a soft bristle brush instead and use water to clean the surface of the dentures. After each meal, rinse the dentures thoroughly. Brushing the dentures also helps remove the plaque.

Keeping the dentures in the right way is also important to keep them in good shape. Be careful of not breaking the dentures. So, keep the sink filled with water, or use a wet cloth. Use a solution or just plain water to soak the dentures in when you are not wearing them. Use cold water as hot water can easily warp them.

Hence, whether it is dentures, or dental implants, you have got to take care of them. Either of them comes with a good price tag, one that can’t be afforded every now  then. So, talk to a well-known and experienced dentist Clinton to make the right choice, and take care of them properly so that they last long.

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