Plantar fasciitis disorder

Plantar fasciitis disorder


Plantar fascia is a muscle joint that is present on our legs, that is it acts like a connection between foot part and leg. This tissue helps in the movement of the leg flexibility as the cartilage on this tissue reduces it creates a slight pain on that joint. This plantar fasciitis is a disorder that effects the connectivity of the joint creating a lot of discomfort to us. This disorder usually can be seen in middle aged people who cross their age by 40, and also by sports men who run so long, and the people who work with leg that is for people who do mechanical leg work like tailoring, as they continuously sit and work for hours together which creates more of flexibility resulting in cartilage damage, and some people who have other medical issues which in turn react to this tearing of muscle.

This pain would be more during mornings as soon as they wake up and later as they start doing their chores by neglecting the pain then on this pain gets reduced but it never gets vanished as the cause of this disorder is yet to be identified. As the problem aggravates the pain on the heel gets increased affecting the concerned person unable to do daily activities.


Here are few symptoms which can help us in detecting the disorder of plantar fasciitis singapore are tenderness on the complete effected area. Swelling around the joint of the leg. Numbness that creates irritation, as the blood flow does not happen properly. However, this disorder could be due to leg length inequality, high arches of the feet, sudden increase of body mass index, wearing of high heels and maintain constant high heels created these kinds of disorders.


X-ray is the best way to find out this disorder as it helps in treating the ailment. However along with x-ray doctors at plantar fasciitis Singapore ask for few other symptoms to confirm whether it is related to this particular disorder or not.

Care to be taken:

Here are few tips of how to take care of for this disorder. They are:

  1. Placing ice bags o the affected area might give relief to us.
  2. Using medication like painkillers helps the problem to suppress and make our daily activities.
  3. Wearing flat footwear also helps in soothing the problem.
  4. Physical exercise helps us to create flexibility of the joint.

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